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Victoria Di Prada

Tranny super star Victoria Di Prada has a couple of similar things in common with me. First of all Victoria Di Prada hates stupid people. I can understand that icon smile Victoria Di Prada A mind is a terrible thing to waste and Victoria Di Prada does not waste her’s because she is what I would call a “renaissance” woman. Here is her official websites:

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Victoria Di Prada

victoria di prada Victoria Di Prada

Victoria Di Prada Biography

Place of birth: Los Angeles Eye Color: Brown Hair Color varies Ethnicity: White Penis Size: Medium Breast Size: Medium Height: 160cm / 5’3″ Penis Length cm/inch: 17cm / 6.7″ Im the kind of person that will always be there. I worry way to much, i think i care to much. Im not the thinest person but im not the biggest You will never meet anyone else like me. I live to make people smile.

I usually put people before me! I love music,singing is one of my talents i love to act, this year:Old Lady, Man Named Fredrick! I have gauged ears they are at 0’s now I have one tattoo, its for my daddy R.I.P I am very random,i randomly sing and dance I dont Hate anybody,nobody! i love affection, i give it out like it is candy!

Likes Friends Sex Boys/Girls Acting Singing Cosmetology Music Weed Water The City Shows Showers Texting Flowers Nature Meeting New Folks Acting The Fool Dislikes Mean/Stupid People Televion Homophobics Rude People School Cops Favorite Music Emmure Bring Me the Horzion Windsof Plague Four Year Strong Oceana Sea of Trechery My children My Bride Devil Wears Prada I Set My Friends On Fire Dr.Acula I Wrestled a Bear Once Job For a Cowboy Terror Oceano Born Of Osiris Attack Attack The Ghost Inside Abacabb Heaven Shall Burn ect..

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