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TS Porn star Vaniity is a “woman” who knows how to “perform” like a man with a plan!!! Vaniity like TS Jesse is also a legend. This Shemale porn superstar may even be more of a transsexual legend than TS Jesse but I don’t think so. I cannot say one is better then the other they are both equally fantastic yet distinct. Just depends in if you like blonds or dark hair. the bottom line is Vaniity ROCKS!!! Here is her official websites also:

Vaniity Bangs Katie Summers Vaniity


Mia Isabella Vaniity Video

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————————————————————> This movie is excellent!  27:49

Vaniity Dominates Female

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“Almost from the very beginning of her notoriety, she has generated her share of followers even in mainstream…”

Hello my Vaniitopians and welcome to my world, I am here to make your wettest, wildest dreams cum true! So sit back, relax and enjoy the VANIITY experience… I promise it will a bit bumpy, delicious and sweet!hehe… Keep cuming back, IT WORKS if YOU WORK IT!” Now thos are the words of a confident shemale superstar.

Vaniity I remember from long long ago. Her movies are WILD to say the least. Vaniity has a unique style that is distinct and completely all her own. Nobody compares to the unique style and performance of Vaniity. As with all these super hot transsexual pornstars, they all have there unique style. But Vaniity and her style are different.

In a way she reminds me of TS Pornstar Mia Isabella. Reason is because Vaniity and Mia Isabella like to talk during there love making. And they say the cutest things. That is what makes porn stand out. PERSONALITY!!! Now days porn has unfortunately descended into a non personal and robotic thing. Personally I will not even watch that type of porn.

Anyone who is anyone realizes that sex is far over ninety percent mental. So without a mental connection, the kind that this girl and Mia Isabella bring to the table porn becomes boring and predictable. This “girl” and Mia Isabella change that!!!

But not just Mia Isabella. As you can see, this “girl” can do it too. And boy can she do it WOWZERS!!!

EDIT: here are some statistics about vaniity:

She was born in Uruapan, Mexico on July 26, 1973. Her family migrated to Sunnyvale, northern California when she was seven years old. Vaniity comes from a large family; she has six brothers and four sisters. She is of Purepecha descent. According to Vaniity, she was a feminine boy who subconsciously knew he would grow up to be a girl; “I dreamed of being a wonder woman of sorts, I have always admired strong women, especially brunette women, I secretly wore my sisters’ dresses, openly played with Barbies, played makeup artist & fashion consultant to my mother and sister.”

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