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Sex Change Girl Danielle Foxxx has a brand new porn site she has up after going through her transformational surgery. The sex change girl is actually Danielle Foxxx. Danielle Foxxx was one of the most successful transsexual pornstars in the shemale porn business BEFORE she became the “sex change girl”. Personally I think it is a little bit of a bummer Danielle Foxxx had her surprise package icon smile Sex Change Girl clipped off because she was a hot stud. But on the other hand Danielle Foxxx has successfully done what no other transsexual pornstar has ever done by becoming the now famous “sex change girl”.

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Danielle Foxxx has successfully been an AWESOME pre op transsexual pornstar and is now a successful post op transsexual pornstar. She is now known as the official SEX CHANGE GIRL!!! Danielle Foxxx was an awesome and absolutely incredible performer before she had her sex change. She was a major stud in the world of shemale porn. But now Danielle Foxxx is just as good if not better as the sex change change girl. Here is what the “sex change girl” Danielle Foxxx has to say about herself on her official website above:

Name: Danielle Foxxx
Country of Origin: Brasil
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 168 cm – 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 61 kg – 135 lbs
Measurements: 34D-26-39
Shoe Size: 9 (U.S. & Canada Women Size)

Sex Change Girl Danielle Foxxx

“In 2007 I was reborn into my second birth, a second chance if you will, given to me by the incredible gifts of Dr. Suporn. Every time I think about how wonderful my experience was I try my best to thank the higher power for guiding me to him and his wonderful extended family. I look up to several TS women, Candis Cane, Erica Andrews, Mimi Marks, Monica Munro, Roberta Close ( SRS from Brazil ) just to name a few. I believe a girl should look up to strong women as a guide to building character. I also have to thank my friends Roseanne Deshanaro, Rhonda Roberts and Sammy Mancini who have shown me incredible wisdom and have been there for me through many trying times. I hope to be like them when I grow up.

People often ask me if I am happy with my surgery. The answer is; of course. I prepared myself mentally for several years prior to surgery and I was to use all of my strength to make it a reality. It is a very difficult year long recovery, then mental, emotional recovery. It is amazing how hormones affect the psych, but one must search inside the heart to find inner piece or it is just a loss. I am happy I have worked with gifted professionals in my journey, educating myself in my re-birth, along with a great surgery team. My view in life is: Everyone should dream big… I am just looking to live my life comfortably and peacefully. My mother taught me that anything is possible if you dedicate yourself to your goals and give it one hundred percent of your energy working towards it. I also believe that destiny plays a great part in someone’s existence, and that the body is merely a vehicle in which to travel in. Live one day at a time, but keep your dreams alive, in the long run it’s our positive impact in the world that makes us who we are. Do it all now, try it, experience life, learn, love, make love, treat others with respect, be honest ! Being a transsexual is has allowed me to live every aspect of my soul. We are not man or women, we do not conform, we are all, we live it all, we are the 3rd gender.”

Sex Change Girl Danielle Foxxx Sex Reassignment Surgery

Here is what she had to say six years after she had her sex change operation concerning her life and concerning the doctor in Thailand who performed her sex reassignment surgery:

“Happy Birthday to me! Today marks the 6th year since my re-birth. Not many people can say they have lived two lives in just one lifetime. I feel like that a lot, as if I am a split soul traveling in one vessel, at times cramped and small…LOL
It is unbelievable how time flies and how much happier and fulfilled I am after my complete transition. I often get asked why I did it and if I regret it, I have a simple answer. I did it because it was only logical, and to me it was important that I see myself in the mirror as I always wanted to see myself. Do I ever regret it? I rarely think of the past. There was a time when I dwelled in the past and it would always eat me up inside, so I see no logic in doing so, but when I do stop and think sometimes what my life would have been like had I not undergone the change and remained a boy. I am extremely content with my new life and continue to thank the higher power for sending Dr. Suporn down to the mortal world. May he have many more blessed years. May him and his family have health and prosperity.”

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