Sarina Valentina

Shemale Pornstar Sarina Valentina is another one of America’s top transsexual porn stars. Like Bailey Jay, Ashley George, and ESPECIALLY Mia Isabella, Sarina Valentina is a hot to trot rising ts super duper rock star!!!

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Like my previous short reviews of Baily Jay, Ashley George, and ESPECIALLY Mia Isabella, I will post a video of Sarina Valentina at the end of this short post. But this video of Sarina Valentina is HOTT!!! Even though it is not fully porn icon sad Sarina Valentina I have to keep this website clean for the chiiiiiildren you see icon smile Sarina Valentina

“Philadelphia born shemale stunner Sarina Valentina dabbled in amateur modelling a couple of years back under the name Alexis Saige, but it’s only recently she has decided to let the world see her at her most liberated best and launch a superstar adult career with a corner on the web to call her own. “I’m glad im doing XXX and its really fun too. It feels liberating to take off your clothes and feel so comfortable, especially after all the years I did not accept my self or my body the way it was being trans,” Sarina says. Growing up in Philly, Sarina was a shy introverted kid who started her transition as early as 14. But there was always an exhibitionist extrovert waiting the chance to burst free. “I love being in front of the camera and unleashing my wild side for all to see, it’s a part of me and I love every bit of it! I am just so finally happy to be doing something that I enjoy and put off for a while. Its a nice feeling to feel secure in what decisions in life you make and for once I finally feel good about this,” Sarina explains.”

Shemale Pornstar Sarina Valentina

Here is her personal write up from her personal website above:

“So let me share a bit about myself. Some of you may have seen me around the internet back in 08 when I first started amateur posing, and some through other resources, needless to say I finally made the decision to revamp it up and create Sarina Valentina. Starting my transition at the age of 14 wasnít easy but it all start with a dream, even what you are viewing now is a dream that has just came to reality. Beautiful you see? As a shy introverted kid, I grew into an extroverted babe! I love being in front of the camera and unleashing my wild side for all of those to see, it’s a part of me and I love every bit of it! With doing modeling gigs since I was young and combining it with my natural sex appeal, I present to you This website will be a reflection of my deepest most raw fantasy is, I am ecstatic to see my career blossoming! Ill keep this short for now, But I will update this section more so soon!”

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