Philippine ladyboys Mr. Womans Talent is some kind of a contest that is help obviously in the Philippines. From what I can find out it seems to be a very large contest. At least I think it is a contest. Not positive. I only found this video and thought the Philippine ladyboys were very attractive so I decided to post it up.



Many many westerners have asked me “what a ladyboy is”. So for you who do not know what a ladyboy is here is the somewhat “official” definition of a ladyboy. Supposedly that term was originated in Cambodia. And speaking of Cambodia ladyboys < that particular article/post has a one hour video documentary that includes plenty of Cambodian ladyboys. Anyhow the term “ladyboys” may have originated in Cambodia but the term ladyboy is used the most on Bangkok Thailand and the surrounding area’s.

It is an eastern term for the western term shemale. Or transsexual. Transgender is a term often used as well in the west. There was a film (actually there are many films) one of many, called “ladyboys” and here is a description of the documentary:

“Ladyboys is a 1992 documentary film about the struggle of two teenage kathoey, or Thai male-to-female transgender persons, to leave the rural countryside and become famous transvestite performers in the glamorous cabarets of Pattaya. The film was produced by Jeremy Marre. It was made by Harcourt TV for Channel 4. The documentary opened at the San Francisco Film Festival.”

I also have a free full length high end movie on my Parinya Charoenphol article. This film is about a ladyboy kickboxing champion in Thailand. It is an excellent film and a truly touching story to say the least. Also in that same post blog article there is also available one of her fights. One of her real kickboxing fights. She was an excellent fighter. Thailands best kickboxing fighter as a matter of fact. That is one thing Thailand is famous for is there kickboxing.

The other thing Thailand is obviously famous for is there ladyboys. In Thailand they say “if a women is too attractive then chances are she is not”. Obviously that quote is not the exact words but you get my drift I am sure. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist. And the Buddhist religion is not nearly as judgmental as other religions. So that is why Thailand ladyboys roam freely over there. There is obviously still some discimination but not nearly as bad as other countries.

In the Philippines the Philippine ladyboys are mostly coming from a Christian religion. So therefore there will be more discrimination there. But Christianity in the Philippines is much much better then western Christianity which is famous for it’s insanity.