As many shemale Mariana Cordoba fans know, she is the number one transsexual in the entire planet right now for big cock white girl transsexual. Shemale Mariana Cordoba is not only the king of the hill but shemale Mariana Cordoba is also the queen of the hill all wrapped up into one super hot super hung transsexual pornstar. Obviously we know why she is so extremely popular. (by the way we here at the Ladyboy Revolution website have a Shemale Bailey Jay page that will absolutely knock your socks off). Here at the ladyboy revolution tranny porn website we thought we would but all her hot tranny pornstar videos all on one page for your convenience. Be sure to bookmark this page because this is going to be the go to page for this hit hung horny transsexual porn star.

Mariana Cordoba

Shemale Mariana Cordoba I think has a new website now with a .TV or something. I am not sure if it is part of the following website or completely different because I haven’t checked up on the details yet. I will check into that as soon as I get a little more time. In the meanwhile this is or was her official website:

Her Official Website

The following shemale video was the first shemale video that she made that made her the world famous transsexual pornstar that she is today:

Shemale Mariana Cordoba Her Cock Is Bigger Then Mine

Her Cock Is Bigger Then Mine


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Leather Fetish

The second video is also a little over three minutes long and starts off the exact way the first shemale Mariana Cordoba Leather Fetish video did. This video is much better in my opinion because she fucks him and force feeds her cock in his mouth. Then he cums on his stomach while getting fucked by her:


Ana Mancini

Many people claim that shemale Mariana Cordoba has a TWELVE INCH COCK! I am not positive this is true buy I am positive that it is most definitely damn near close. If Mia Isabella really has a ten inch cock then shemale Mariana Cordoba would definitely have a twelve inch cock for sure. Shemale Mariana Cordoba is most definitely much much bigger then world famous porn star Ron Jeremy ever was that is for sure. Shemale Mariana Cordoba has a much bigger cock then even Ron Jeremy. Shemale Mariana Cordoba also has the most popular shemale pornstar solo sites in the world. Mariana Cordoba has so many fans and so many web site subscribers that the number would actually boggle your mind if you were to actually see them. The only person to come close to Mariana Cordoba is Mia Isabella. She male porn star Mia Isabella is currently in second place behind tranny super star Mariana Cordoba.

Shemale Mariana Cordoba is currently in the process of making a movie with one of her website subscribers. He is a “lucky guy”. Mariana Cordoba every now and again does this. Mariana Cordoba takes applications from everyone who applies on her website so that she can make a movie of them and her together. The last guy that Mariana Cordoba took did not show his face because I think he wanted to remain anonymous. But Mariana Cordoba is doing it again and we shall see how the video turns out. Mariana Cordoba sure does know how to get her fans and subscribers attention and this surely is one way that Mariana Cordoba can do this. Most of the ladyboy revolution fans want to see Mariana Cordoba the most out of all the hot shemale pornstars. That is why we have a specific category for Mariana Cordoba pics and Mariana Cordoba videos as well as our Mariana Cordoba information category.



Pics right here for your viewing pleasure. These pics are pretty hot and there will be plenty more to cum.

Edit: I just came across some interracial pics because our favorite shemale superstar has “done it again”! :) Shemale Mariana Cordoba just made an interracial movie and here are six very good pics from Mariana Cordoba most recent movie that I have not seen yet.

Mariana Cordoba has her own underwear now! :) Fresh off the press! I just couldn’t believe it when I seen these underwear on her latest greatest shemale giant cock pics. Now I just couldn’t fucking believe it when I saw shemale Mariana Cordoba had her own custom made underwear out now. This has got to be the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen in my life. Metaphorically speaking of course. Her own custom underwear. Can you fucking believe that???

Edit: I seriously want to know where I can get myself a pair of underwear just like hers. :) I mean REALLY!!! Can you imagine if you could tell all your friends that you had a custom pair of your own special shemale Mariana Cordoba underwear??? You would be the coolest cat on the block. That would definitely win you a popularity contest. Especially at your local church pot luck dinner. It probably really would though. Most of those pastors and priests are really really freaky behind closed doors. I mean they are so depraved. When they finally do get a chance to break free, the just EXPLODE with freakishness! But anyhow, enough of the rabbit trail:

By the way. I think shemale Mariana Cordoba is looking for some guys still to be in her videos. This is what she had to say before and I think she is still looking for guys:

“Wow! So Many Guys, So Little Time…Nah, not really! I have plenty of time for you all :)
I have gotten a surprisingly huge amount of replies to my post about filming with some of you guys. THANK YOU! It is overwhelming and very flattering to see so many of you guys being willing to be with me on a video. So, here’s the deal:

-starting September 6th, 2012, you must be a member of my site
– you must be over 18 years old
– you must have and bring your official ID to prove your age
– you must sign a model release document before filming
– you must come to Argentina, since I’m not traveling right now
– you must be comfortable showing your face and performing in front of my video guy.
– the use of Viagra is encouraged since I know being in front of a camera can make you nervous :)
– no, I am not meeting anyone for other purposes, just for filming, I apologize for this.

That said, if all of the above apply, please send me your photos and travel dates to my personal email address, by contacting me inside my members area.

Kisses, and I hope to hear from you guys soon!”

See that??? You better apply if you are a huge fan!

Shemale Marianna the great is so popular obviously because of her gigantuous and monumental SIZE!!! She has a girth that no other white shemale pornstar (as far as I know) has. She is what you could honestly describe as literally “BAD TO THE BONE -R”. :) She is from Argentina. She was born July 13, 1981. As I was reading up on her today I came across an interesting talk board about her. A guy in this talk board who is a huge fan was saying that he thought her penis size has gotten much larger over the past two years. He thought she might be using penis exercises called Jelq and Jelqing.

Now I have no idea if that is true or not. But what I do know is that she is BIG!!! I have also got another very very interesting statistic about her that I know FOR A FACT is true. Mia Isabella get’s one hundred and ten thousand global monthly Google searches per month. She gets one hundred and thirty (EDIT: the number went up to one hundred and sixty five thousand) global monthly Google statistics per month. WOWZERS!!! And those statistics are just for Google. That is not counting Yahoo, Bing, and all of the rest search engines. And there are a lot of search engines out there I can promise you that.

As you can clearly see She is one popular “girl” with the boys. And girls. And children of all ages. :) But seriously this is what she has to say about herself. This is from her official website above:

“Hi, my name is shemale Mariana Cordoba. I want to welcome you to my official, brand new website. I am known worldwide for my work as a tranny porn star. All the content you will see here is exclusive to this site, never before seen, and I’ve filmed it thinking of you! Knowing that you are watching me makes my big monster cock hard as a rock. But not only my cock is big… I have a huge sexual appetite and I want to share it with you!”

The first video on this page of her is my favorite. If I am not mistaken it is her first professional shemale porn video. I am not positive about that however. It surely id the first one that I have seen. An “oldie” but a “goodie”. It is not that old though. Great thing is that there are plenty more to cum. That’s good news for the fans of this shemale superstar. Anyhow this is her latest news directly from her website as of September 6 2012. And this proves how she keeps everyone up to date:

“Hi guys. I must apologize, but after much thought, I have decided to change my offer to make videos with any of my blog readers. I have received numerous emails and requests, and as you have noticed by the videos in my members area, this has worked out great, with lots of hardcore videos with fresh faces in them :)

So yes, it worked out nicely. Until last week, that is. I had a couple of bad experiences involving an underage kid and a prankster. So due to this, I must limit the filming of videos to my members exclusively. I know you guys are all good people that have my safety in mind (although sadly there have been a couple of bad apples) and you will understand.

So, those of you who are interested, please email me using the form inside my members area, and let’s make yours and my fantasies a reality!”

In other news somebody is in luck. She has mentioned that around January or February she will be looking for a boyfriend. This is what she had to say about it:

“I don’t consider myself an actual pornstar, even though I’ve been filming porn videos for a few years already, but I know you guys think of me as one :)

In any case, I woke up a little gloomy today, and after doing some meditation and analyzing my life, I realized that the only thing that could be causing my down-mood, is the lack of a boyfriend. Everything in my life is perfect but I don’t have a special one to share it with. It’d be nice to have a boyfriend to go shopping with, go camping in the summer time or snow skiing now in the winter…

Unfortunately this year there are things going on with my family that will prevent me from getting involved with someone. But after January or February things will change, and I’ll be on the prowl for Mister Right. Of course, I will let you guys know first, so you can put in your applications.” ;)

Did you hear that??? Big M said that she does not consider herself a pornstar. Many guy’s yes I know is going to be very surprised about that. But they are even more surprised to find out that pornstars are human too. Pornstars have the same problems in there love lives that you and me have. Well that I have had but I have very very good “luck” now only because I have learned some great things from some great people. I would write much about that but unfortunately the so called “readers” that come to the Ladyboy Revolution website do not want to read. They want to watch videos mainly. Because of that I have quit writing (except for in posts like these). But anyhow this is what her extremely surprised fans had to say about this when they found out about this news:

“This was sad to read. You are an amazing person and deserve a special person in your love that loves you whole heatedly. It would be an honor for any man to have you. Id like to think I would have a shot but i think you are worthy of any man so i think id be at the lower end of your list. I hope everything with your family works out. Crazy family things suck sometimes. PS i love camping and shopping.”

She has also went shopping recently. She explains what she has been doing recently in the following two paragraphs:

After much running around all week long with house repairs, chasing the foreman, the masons and like a million assistants (I swear these guys were multiplying before my eyes), they’re done with the work, and I am left with a very tired body from lifting and bending, pointing, climbing and all kinds of unusual aerobics :P

Plus lots of cooking! Since lunch was included in the contract, I suspect they were bringing their cousins and brothers to eat! I think it cost me more to feel this battalion of workers than to pay for the actual work! But it’s all done and I have my house for myself again. Now I just need to clean the house and it will all be like new. I was thinking of doing a video while cleaning but the truth is, I’m so tired that I don’t feel like doing my makeup and hair, much less getting my penis hard. May be tomorrow, after I’ve slept at least 12 hours.”

As you can see she sure keeps her subscribers and fans up to date with what is going on in her current life. In the following two paragraphs she explains that it is her grandmother birthday. She explains what happened:

“Today is my grandmother’s 90th birthday, and my family is gathering at my mom’s place. It will be a little awkward for me; haven’t been together with my entire family like this, since before my transition (oohhhhh, many years ago). I know I will get “the looks”, but I can’t miss this opportunity to be with my beloved grandma on her special day.

I got my hair all done, nails painted and legs waxed. I will be dressing very nicely and decent… not the typical shemale Mariana Cordoba and her sleazy outfits that you guys are used to. And I will be in my best behavior. Let’s see how the night turns out…

Pray for me, boys! I hope I’ll survive.” :)

More and more and more and more we are getting requests for more videos and pictures from this beautifully hung transsexual pornstar. So for the next few days I will personally be working hard to add more to the Ladyboy Revolution database for this most popular girl. We have to keep our fans happy and happy that will do. She is the most requested TS porn girl for this website. Well almost. Since this is a “ladyboy” website our first request is for ladyboys. But I haven’t had time to upload any naked ladyboys or ladyboy videos. But no fear because they are CUMing!

It will be a while before I get to the ladyboy gig because I have a lot to do in the meantime. But when I get my next scheduled work finished I will start working on some great Philippine, Japanese, Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, etc etc ladyboy porn and porn stars. Unfortunately that will be quite a while because I have much much work to do beforehand. But I will get to it eventually when I complete my miles of high work I must complete before that time.

“After much visiting my mom’s house for the last few months to help her with her house remodeling (my god, what a big job this has been!), and traveling back and forth between her city and mine, I have decided that it will be easier to stay with her for the next few weeks.

So this morning I packed my bags and here I am, at my mom’s. It took me a couple of hours to get settled, since she had been using my old room as her sewing room, but I’m fully installed now. I have to admit that it feels weird to be living with my mother again :P But it will be only until November 1st. And then it will be home, sweet home!

I’m excited, because it is always fun to be with my mom, plus I love being involved in the remodeling, but I had to bring my 3 dogs with me, and believe me, they are not happy! And they will be even unhappier tomorrow when the workers get here and start knocking down the master bathroom… lots of hammering and loud sounds, something that my dogs hate with a passion!… I just hope they survive :)

As you can see she keeps her fans up to date with her current life events. Everyone seems to want to know what is going on and that is why I post her current news over here so you can keep up to date with her current happenings. So I guess if you consider remodeling exciting then you will be very excited. LOL

Latest News: Mariana Cordoba is coming to America. She is trying to get her visa ready now. That is why she has been fairly silent lately. That is a lot of work and a hell of a lot of hassle and bull shit to go through and deal with. Here is what she has to say about her new move to America:

I’m in the process of getting my visa to the United States, and I need to take lots of printed copies with me (bank statements, property deeds, etc.). Of course, the moment I start printing stuff, my printer starts acting out. First the cartridge doesn’t slide, then it needs more ink, and finally the paper is not feeding properly. I swear it’s a conspiracy!

That’s why I hate technology! You can never trust it :P

Mariana Cordoba