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Olivia Love is a hot shemale porn star!!! Olivia Love has been around the tranny porn scene you could almost say “from the beginning” but I wouldn’t want to say that because that may make her sound old and she is not old by a long shot. She is one super hot shemale pornstar and the really really cool thing that I like about her is that she is actually deaf. The reason I like the fact that she is deaf is because it makes her unique and stand out in the crowd and if there is one thing I cannot tolerate it is predictability and that is why I like Olivia Love it is because of the fact that she is not predictable like some of the others are.

If you go to her web site you will see a really really cool introductory video of her talking in sign language. It is really cool because one minute she will be talking in sign language and the next minute it will show her in one of her shemale pornstar video scenes the next minute she will be talking in sign language and after that a porn scene and back and forth. It is really different and absolutely unique and that is what I like about it and that is why I like this particular shemale pornstar. Also I have another video of her and Jasmine Jewels double teaming one guy. And we all know how “aggressive” Jasmine Jewels likes to be in her porn videos. It is a great movie that you can easily find in the shemale pornstar video category.

The following video is an old one that I just put up real quick like but she has many many more new ones that are much much better then this one:

“Hi! My name is Olivia Love. I am deaf and transsexual adult film performer.I’m seen in many videos and websites .I started in 1990’s then I retired for love till it ended .I returned in Jan of 08 with a full charge and finish the unfinished business that I left behind . I finally am able to shut down the fraudulent sites that contained my name and images.

Welcome to my new and official site ! Oh yes its really my site where I have the full control with better communication with my fans and friends. It will be updated constantly so y’all won’t get bored! It may contain very steamy and sexy contents. Be still ur hearts it may overwhelm u! hehe

it will be including subtitled versions for hearing people to understand my American sign language dialogues. it’ll also be subtitled for deaf and hard of hearing when it comes to vocal dialogues of any talents I work with if necessary. I want my fans to understand what daily issues a deaf transsexual performer faces. the solutions to learn to get thru the communication barriers. Oh boy its gonna be educational and sexual!

Honestly there are many ways to understand one other instead of getting intimidated by my mysterious and beautiful self. I am strong advocate of deaf culture and civil rights as a transsexual. I will have blogs,videos,calendar shoots, wish list,casual stuff about lifestyle, cam shows ,chat room. My objectives of this site is to help me succeed my surgeries and educate people.”

As you can clearly see Olivia Love has a unique and interesting story to tell. She is clearly an individualist. I like individualistic thinkers like her because they are neither boring or predictable. She is one unique shemale pornstar with a plan and a great way about her.

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Olivia Love

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