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Morgan Baileys Bad Day DVD

Morgan Baileys Bad Day DVD is a hot Morgan Baily video from the hot shemale pornstar herself Morgan Bailey. This video also starrs Amy Daly, Hazel Tucker and Olivia Love. Here is a very good review from a shemale that has ordered and viewed this particular shemale pornstar Morgan Bailey DVD video:

Havin watched this movie recently (quick shipping, woot), it was mostly very enjoyable – certainly very arousing!! First up, I take back what I had previously written about “banging soundtracks” – this movie had a very rockin one, that really kept the mood and pace of things going!!! The level of humour was alright, spacing the scenes apart with a kind of plot – which is a ludicrously unlikely string of events in which Morgan is roped/tricked/threatened/forced into incredibly hot sex (predominately with well-built men) at every turn. All the while her “friend” Hazel is makin the most of her day with the cleaning boy while she waits for Morgan’s arrival. (you know, rather than helpin Morgan make the half-mile trip there.) There is a healthy dose of tranny-on-tranny action too, with Olivia Love dishin up some goods in a threesome with Morgan, and later another tranny threesome featuring Morgan, Hazel and Amy. Overall, a very raunchy and well conducted movie. Other than the obvious lack of credibility of events in the story – hey this is porn – there were a couple of things we did not like about it:

 A dirty restroom scene, when somebody turns out the lights and rapes Morgan in the dark. Yeah… rape scenes do not do anything fer me, and I think they promote a belief that transgirls are willing and easy targets fer predators with a rape fantasy – not even cock gaggin can save that!! The threesome at the end, featurin Morgan, Amy, and Hazel, was very disjointed and cut together. It really crippled the flow of things at that point, when the heavy editing coulda been eased off and left the scene ta unfold more naturally. We found that the scenes were hot but the constant jumpin around was actually a huge turn-off, did not fit with the rest of the movie, and the lack of flow made it hard ta really get into enjoyin it. Other than that we will prolly watch it again before donating it to a children’s charity. All puns above are intentional.”

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Morgan Baileys Bad Day DVD

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Baileys Bad Day DVD

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