Morgan Bailey

Shemale pornstar Morgan Bailey started performing in hot transsexual porn video’s in the year 2008. Since then she has been a hit. She has some tattoo’s that are really HOT!!! I am definitely a “chicks” with tattoo’s type of person and “sleeve” tattoo’s I find seriously attractive. She has and is in Bob’s TGirls and Shemale Club. Here is her official websites:

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Morgan Bailey

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey

Morgan Bailey left for a while for whatever reason in 2009. She was probably like everyone else. She probably had to iron out personal issues. Who knows. But the important thing is that Morgan Bailey returned with a fiery vengeance! Ever since she has been on fire with transsexual shemale porn desire and started shooting flick after flick of HOT porn movies.

With her HOT distinct tattoo’s and her hot to trot attitude this transsexual superstar has faced the TS porn world and succeeded like a rock star in heat! God bless her for that! Wowzers! Here is what she has said recently on her above website:

“I’m so stoked to launch my brand new site, I hope your ready for the ride of your life. Thanks so much for visiting me here. I’ve been such a busy little slut shooting the many different and exciting scenes inside. I recently moved to California to expand my sexual portfolio and have been very successful. I guess the only subject in question “is it ever enough for this girl” and my answer is NO! I’m so cock hungry and boy crazy I can never seem to get enough. I’m Morgan Bailey and I’m here to fuck your brains out!

Not many months ago I was slacker Tattoo artist/ Bartender in the great party city of Chicago, after being kicked out of almost every establishment and fucking everyone I knew or ever met it was clear I needed another outlet for my intense sexual energy.

I had submitted some scandalous photos to a few select companies and within days had multiple offers to shoot. With no hesitation I was on my trans-continental flight to Hollywood CA where I shot multiple scenes and got some great exposure. I new immediately after spending time with some real porn stars that I had to start finding a way to make this a career. Needless to say I have succeeded, here I am fucking professionally and I LOVE IT!”

AWESOME!!! Simply AWESOME! With an attitude like that she is going to accomplish great things for the transgender world!!!

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