Here is a hot shemale pornstar Morgan Bailey solo video. Morgan Bailey is another shemale pornstar who is also in the top ten most world famous list of shemale pornstars of the world. At this point it really is very very hard to say who the exact top ten shemale pornstars actually are because at this point it seems as if there is a new shemale pornstar cuming out every day now. So in order to be in the top ten these transsexual superstars have to be experienced and they also have had to have been around long enough to have made multiple porn videos and have a resume of multiple porn videos in order to even be considered in the top thirty let alone the top ten.

Keira Verga for example could never be considered to be in the top ten. Even though she is in fact extremely hot and extremely sexy, she is still in high school and is only eighteen years old, so even though she is definitely on the right path to easily become one of the top ten, she still has to go through the motions and do the work and make the videos in order to become part of the top ten.

Just because someone is pretty and puts of a great website it doesn’t mean anything really unless they produce and add value to the transsexual video community in order to be considered part of the top ten. I kind of take offense to somebody who just puts up a website with a couple of videos and a couple of pictures and thinks they are a real “shemale pornstar” when in fact the veterans of this industry have busted there balls and worked hard to become even part of the top thirty let alone part of the top ten. This business is not just about “look at me I am a shemale pornstar” when they have absolutely nothing to add to this community besides matter (protons and neutrons). The business of shemale pornstars is like any other business. Ten percent of the shemale pornstars make ninety percent of the money because those ten percent add value to the community besides just being another “pretty face”. Beauty is all to common anymore and really doesn’t mean anything more then a starting point.

Which brings me to my long winded point. Morgan Bailey. Morgan Bailey has put in her time and has produced some very high quality shemale pornstar videos. If she is not already part of the top ten I think she most certainly will be part of the top ten because she is producing high quality shemale pornstar videos at a very very rapid pace now. She is most definitely part of the top twenty that is for sure. Morgan Bailey has a very distinct look because she has a lot of tattoos which makes her look very very sexy and wild. In this Morgan Bailey solo video you will easily see what I am talking about. Here is a short list of videos that Morgan Bailey has starred in:

  • TS Playground
  • American Tranny Party
  • American Stroker Party
  • She-Male Strokers 47
  • She-Male XTC 8
  • American Tranny
  • Transsexual Babysitters 14
  • Transsexual Babysitters 15
  • Full Service Transsexuals Vol. 9
  • America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 8

As you can see Morgan Bailey can now be almost considered a “veteran” of the transsexual porn industry. Once you have a top ten list of videos like that that you have starred in and can add to your resume, then you are definitely on the right path to officially be considered a shemale pornstar. Not only that but Morgan Bailey is still young and she has lot’s and lot’s of good years ahead of her to continue to make great movies. Olivia Love for example is definitely in the top ten. Olivia Love is not only very sexy but Olivia Love has been around a long time and has starred in many many transsexual porn videos. And that is what being a shemale pornstar is all about. Many many porn videos and many many porn pictures that you can put on your resume. Here is also a little bit more information about shemale pornstar Morgan Bailey:

Pretty and rebelious tranny Morgan Bailey recently moved to California to expand her sexual potential. She is far away from some regular shemale fucking for few bucks to pay the rent, this T-Girl with passion is so cock hungry and boy crazy that she never seem to get enough, the name is Morgan Bailey dudes and she’s here to fuck your brains out! Started as a slacker bartender and tattoo artist in Chicago and after being kicked out of every establishment, not mention fucking everyone she met, it was clear she needs some true refreshment and also better long-term aiming of her intense sexual energy. After shooting multiple scenes in Hollywood CA and spending time among some real tranny pornstars, the path for new career was set, so here she is fucking professionally! TS Morgan Bailey is here to fulfill whatever fantasy you may have! Appreciate her slender body with tattoo on both butt cheeks, left arm, above left breast and piercing in both nipples. She likes to play with her stunning ass and tight asshole, same as she’s got a passion for fetish and extreme stuff like smoking or pissing.”

As you can clearly see after all that that Morgan Bailey is not only a super high profile shemale pornstar but even me after reading that even I am now completely convinces that Morgan Bailey has got to be part of the top ten of the shemale pornstars genre. That right there is some serious serious material that can be added to your resume as a hot transsexual adult movie star. Nobody could ever take those kinds of stats and those kind of statistics and a seriously long track record like that way from her. She has officially made her mark as a hot sexy shemale pornstar and nobody could ever argue the fact that she has seriously put in her time and put in her work to become one of the greats that will forever be written about in the history books for the transsexual video porn movie niche. And that is the reason the ladyboy revolution website is proud to have Morgan Bailey in there list of high quality high profile super hot super sexy shemale pornstars.

Morgan Bailey Solo Video

Morgan Bailey Solo Video

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey Solo Video