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Mia Isabella and more and more Mia Isabella. That’s what shemale pornstar fans want to see and that is what we intend to give them. And why do shemale pornstar lovers want her??? Shemale pornstar lovers want her because she HAS A BIG FAT COCK!!!! Plus the fact that she is absolutely positively one of the most gorgeous and cute shemale pornstar actresses the world has ever seen. She is putting out shemale pornstar videos and pics at a high rate of pace now and that is not only good for her but that is great for her shemale pornstar fans and her web site subscribers as well as everyone who loves hot shemale pornstar actresses like her. She has now produced an entire volume of hot shemale pornstar videos and pics. She has officially made shemale pornstar history now and there are absolutely no sign of her slowing down any time in the near future.

Here is what she had to say about her latest adventure: “I was lucky enough to have been whisked away by my lover to a friends home on a small private island in the Caribbean for Valentines and it was so wonderful – I got to spend an entire 9 days with friends and family and even snuck in some new shoots for my site that will be available soon. After spending my days sunbathing and sailing the warm waters I couldnt miss the opportunity to share a little erotic sneak peek with all of you my wonderful fans! Please enjoy and remember to check soon for my latest updates

She is obviously living life and living life large now. She has brisked the streets of Hollywood and is now living in the spotlight of Hollywood and I am sure her fiance is enjoying every bit of it with her as well. Even though he doesn’t seem like he enjoys the spot light of Hollywood very well but that is only by judging his facial expressions I could most certainly be wrong about that. His facial expressions under neath the spot lights could just be his personality style and it could also be the fact that he is not use to the spot light which is absolutely and completely understandable as well. I certainly would not enjoy being under the spot light like that all the time. Or maybe not ever. But that’s just me.

I read somewhere recently that she is happy now to be with her new fiance. She said something to the affect of “life is good now that I dropped the old ball and chain weighting me down“. So obviously she had a boyfriend who was obviously very very negative for her and now she is much more happy with this new guy. She must be happy because it is her fiance and I doubt very very highly that she would be marrying a guy that did not make her happy. Especially now that he has CHOICE! Choice changes things and gives you power and the ability for selectivity and that is the position everyone should be in and everyone could be in with a little bit of time and effort.

As you can see I get around in the internet world quite a bit and I search for information such as this concerning all the shemale pornstars that I have on this particular website. With that being said I will most certainly keep tabs on this hot shemale pornstar because Miia Isabbela is the second most sought after shemale pornstar in the world now and I try to keep only the best and most beautiful shemale pornstars on this particular web site. She is the second in line behind Mariana Cordoba on the entire world wide web as far as shemale pornstar popularity is concerned and she is climbing the shemale pornstar ladder of success rather quickly as well.

mia isabella solo shemale 02 Mia Isabella

Mia Isabella

Edit: I now have more more Mia videos on my shemale video page. I will also have all of the beautiful Mrs (since she is engaged) Isabella videos on this website shorty. So stay tuned. icon smile Mia Isabella

But that’s not the only reason everyone want’s Mia Isabella. Shemale lovers (western) and even ladyboy lovers (eastern) want to see Mia Isabella because Mia Isabella has what many many shemale porn-stars do not even start to have.

Mia Isabella has PERSONALITY!!! When you watch a Mia Isabella porn movie as in the above (and my favorite) HOT porn movie you cannot help to understand that Mia Isabella is absolutely adorable. And it is not just the fact that Mia Isabella is absolutely adorable physically (which she is). It is the fact that Mia Isabella is like the world famous pornstar Ron Jeremy who EVERYONE who is anyone knows.

But why is Mia Isabella like Ron Jeremy??? Mia Isabella is not only like Ron Jeremy in the penis department but that is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is even greater. What I am talking about is what sex is all really about. The mind! Mia Isabella is like Ron Jeremy or even BETTER then Ron Jeremy because Mia Isabella knows how to talk during sex. Most so called “porn actors” now are nothing more then animals when it comes to porn. Most. What I mean by that is that they are like a paid dog that is paid to breed and nothing more. A mechanical act.

Mia Isabella is completely different. That is why Mia Isabella is making the big Bucks! And Mia Isabella deserves every single one of those dollars that she has rightfully earned. Mia Isabella provides an honest integrity based service for an and fills and honest good old fashion need that the consumers want and need. Shemale porn! That is why Mia Isabella is a great American who is born and bread in Chicago. Well I don’t know about the bread part icon smile Mia Isabella but I know Mia Isabella is born in Chicago.

In the “big fat cock” link above that I have clearly provided, is one of the first (if not the first) Mia Isabella movies that I have ever saw. It is unarguable my FAVORITE Mia Isabella porn movie. Even though it is absolutely phenomenally HOT there is one problem and one thing that I do not like about that particular Mia Isabella porn movie. In that Mia Isabella porn movie I do not like the sloppy type cock sucking that that guy is doing to her. Personal preference and bias on my part. I am not into the sloppy thing. If I want to watch a good old fashion shemale porn movie, especially a Mia Isabella shemale porn movie I do not want to watch slop.

I want Mia Isabella to be slop free icon smile Mia Isabella but regardless of the slop it is still one hot Mia Isabella porn movie. It is the first Mia Isabella shemale porn movies that I ever saw and in my biased opinion, it is absolutely positively the greatest Mia Isabella porn movies that there is. But I must admit. I have not seen all the Mia Isabella transsexual porn movies so I could be wrong. It happened twenty years ago. I was wrong twenty years ago icon smile Mia Isabella but I learned from that mistake. But anyhow:

I have seen Mia Isabella change quite a bit from that first Mia Isabella movie. The other day I watched a Mia Isabella YouTube video where Mia Isabella was at the Hollywood porn film festival. No wait I am sorry it was the “Chicago Exxtasy Trade Show 2010 with Mia Isabella”. If you compare the way Mia Isabella looks in that video compared to the way Mia Isabella looks in the above video on my Mia Isabella bio page, you can see the difference. It is a different look. I am not saying it is a “bad” look. No way no how. That would be ridiculous. It is just a “different look”.

Even though it is “different” it is HOT either way because it is Mia Isabella. She is older in that YouTube video compared to the first Mia Isabella HOT video in the fist link up on top. I would never consider Mia Isabella old no way she just seems to me to have a different look. But the think I like I mean LOVE about it is that Mia Isabella is the ONLY transsexual pornstar at the Chicago Exxtasy Trade Show . That is great news for shemale ladyboy lovers like us. That means that Mia Isabella needs to be rewarded because Mia Isabella is helping to bring transsexual acceptance to the American public.

No longer can they push us around and discriminate!!! Because if they even think about it now we will fight back and win!!! The ladyboy revolution organization has a dogmatic agenda. And thanks to people like Mia Isabella they only help to promote that dogmatic agenda by promoting acceptance. Transsexual acceptance. Laugh if you want but this is a shemale (western) ladyboy (eastern) takeover. Mia Isabella and all the other hot TS Pornstars are helping us in our agenda. In return for that we will help promote them and there agenda. We will help them make the living they so desire by helping promote there official websites and help them provide a service and help the consumer (shemale ladyboy lovers) find that service.

It all works out for everyone. Shemales like Mia Isabella and newcomers like  Adriana Lynn Rush. Shemales who are new need to make money so they can live. Newcomers like Adriana Lynn Rush need to look to mentors like Mia Isabella for guidance and protection. Being new to the transsexual porn business I am sure it is like any other business in America. Full of sharks. Adriana Lynn Rush can look to now experienced transsexual pornstars like Mia Isabella and that helps everyone.

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Mia Isabella

OK so now I am going to say it. As I was writing this shemale blog post and as I was looking for a picture for this blog post article I found one. Obviously. I did not realize Mia was a smoker. That is not good. I guess that is why I was talking about how Mia now “looks different” then she did in the first big link on top. In the HOT movie link. She is obviously not as skinny. I would assume it is extremely hard to handle fame and fortune. Fortunately I do not have to worry about that yet. icon smile Mia Isabella But seriously people underestimate how difficult it really is to be able to handle fame and fortune. That is why I am hoping that newcomer Adriana Lynn Rush can handle it. The fame that comes her way we hope it doesn’t go to her head.

We want Adriana Lynn Rush to last a good long time in this business. Adriana Lynn Rush will hopefully follow in Mia’s footsteps and become successful. But we want Adriana Lynn Rush to remain successful. And remain successful for a good long time. Be sure to check out Sarina Valentina as well. You can easily find out about her in the (Shemale Pornstars) category above. She seems to be extremely popular as well. We are getting a lot of traffic from people searching for her.

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