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This is one of my favoriye my favorite Mariana Cordoba videos because it is the original and what I believe to be the first of the Mariana Cordoba videos that she has put her on the top charts for pure shemale popularity:

This gender bending beauty and all the Mariana Cordoba Videos are great and she is currently the king of the hill and the queen of the hill when it comes to the most popular shemale pornstar in the world. Nobody and I repeat nobody even comes close to her popularity. Mia Isabella is definitely second place and she is moving up the latter quick but currently she is not quite there yet. The first place goes to the Mariana Cordoba Videos and that is because of three reasons that I can think of off the top of my head. First reason comes in two parts. Obviously her cock size. But not only that she is currently the only shemale pornstar who has the physical appearance that she has with her cock size. I am sure there are many other with her cock size but nobody that looks like her with her cock size.

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Another reason is because she is constantly making new pictures. She has got a whole lot of professionally done shemale pornstar pictures from a whole lot of photo shoots that she has done and that kind of production most definitely keeps her in production and in the public’s eye. By the way the best Mariana Cordoba videos and pics located in those two links or overhead in the categories on the links above in the navigation menu. ^  and below is her official website. This particular website (Ladyboy Revolution) get’s a whole lot and I mean a WHOLE LOT of requests for this super hot super hung transsexual porn star. She is what I would say “just a little” popular and yes I am being very sarcastic. Anyhow:

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Mariana Cordoba Videos

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Mariana Cordoba

Mariana Cordoba videos sure is becoming or (has become) very very popular. We are getting thousands of shemale ladyboy lovers here that absolutely love Mariana Cordoba videos. Why??? Because they are smart people with great taste in hot transsexual shemale pornstars. She has become famous and there is a reason for that. We all know that reason. icon smile Mariana Cordoba Videos She has the biggest transsexual cock in the business. A woman who knows how to please, and a woman who knows how to please and tease. A transsexual shemale pornstar on a mission. Here is the latest news from about Mariana Cordoba videos and what is going on with her in her life from her own words:

“You guys know that I am staying at my mother’s place, helping out with the house remodeling (it’s actually more of a reconstruction than a remodeling job), and although it’s been daunting there has been one small yet tasty reward: over one dozen sweaty men running around without their shirts on, accidentally bumping into me. Oh a girl couldn’t ask for more!

By the way and now that I mention it, their bumping into me may not be completely accidental even though I look dreadful! I have seen “the look” in their eyes.

But who am i kidding? Lots of dust and cement floating around is definitely not good for my complexion and my hair is stiff! I have to wash it daily and have had no time to style it so if I were to put my Halloween costume on right now, I would make a very credible witch icon biggrin Mariana Cordoba Videos ” I am glad she stays in touch with her fans and is down to earth. Just a “regular” kind of girl!

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