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Mariana Cordoba Photos

Mariana Cordoba Photos

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By the way I do not know how she finds the time to shoot her sexy Mariana Cordoba photos because word on the street is that she is moving to America. Finding the time to make these new Mariana Cordoba photos must be very very difficult because it sounds to me like she is slightly stressed out with her move even though she is obviously handling it very very well. Here is what the super sexy shemale pornstar herlself had to say recently about her big move to America in the latest ladyboy revolution news report:

I’m in the process of getting my visa to the United States, and I need to take lots of printed copies with me (bank statements, property deeds, etc.). Of course, the moment I start printing stuff, my printer starts acting out. First the cartridge doesn’t slide, then it needs more ink, and finally the paper is not feeding properly. I swear it’s a conspiracy! That’s why I hate technology! You can never trust it :P

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Shemale Pornstar Mariana Cordoba Photos