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Ana Mancini two weeks before this video shoot got together with Mariana Cordoba to meet each other and this is what Ana Mancini had to say about Mariana Cordoba:

“So we got together to have dinner.  She was just amazing.  Not only is she naturally beautiful but a very, very nice person.  We connected right away.  What was really nice is that we talked about normal things, our lives, our businesses, our goals, our aspirations.  I don’t know how to really explain this but we didn’t talk like two transsexuals might when they get together.  Many times, they talk very “tranny”.  Stupid things about sex, and the size of someone’s penis, drugs, parties, just things I don’t really care for.  This is why I don’t have too many tranny friends, I am just not like that at all.

With Marianna it was so refreshing.  We went to dinner twice.  She confessed that she was a little nervous to be with me but was surprised at how fast we forged a good friendship (I was as well on both accounts).

So, I have been talking to her about when we can get together to film our session (BTW, I am back home from Buenos Aires now and feeling much better).  We decided to get together at a halfway point in a city called Rosario.  It’s very nice there and it has a movie theater (as you can guess, I am in dire need to see a movie, no theater in my hometown).  We will rent a nice location and do a session together just as many, many of you followers have requested.  So, be prepared, give me a couple of weeks.”

Now that ladies and gentlemen looks like one super hot Mariana Cordoba Ana Mancini video! Here are the official website both of Mariana Cordoba Ana Mancini:

Ana Mancini

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Mariana Cordoba Ana Mancini Sex Video

Mariana Cordoba Ana Mancini Sex Video

This Mariana Cordoba Ana Mancini Video