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These are the official websites of shemale pornstar Kimber James as she is climbing the latter of success in the transsexual porn star niche. This gorgeous started to transition from I think it was fifteen years young. That is why she has the body of a true shemale pornstar in the wide wide world of the shemale pornstars niche. That is a very young age and because of that and many hormones she has risen towards the top of the hot spots within this movie category. We have a full length super long compilation video of her and Christian XXX. That seems to be the most popular and everyone watches that movie. Many many more of her videos and pictures cuming down the line from this hot shemale pornstar.


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As you can see Kimber James has two mobile sites. Pretty sure the first mobile site is Kimber James first site and one of the original mobile sites. The second mobile site is Kimber James new mobile porn sight.

Kimber James

Kimber James is a new transsexual porn-star from Miami Florida. What I like about Kimber James is that personality wise she is somewhat like me. What I mean by that is that she is not a “party girl’. Kimber James does not enjoy “clubbing” or “partying”. That is what I like about Kimber James. So far she has got a good head on her shoulders. So far she has had five boob jobs and she is now happy with her breasts. Kimber James also has a page on Wikipedia.

Kimber James is selling her last pair of breasts if anyone is interested in buying them here are there stats:

“Min offer is $5,000. They are 700cc silicone Implants that I have had for 2 and a half years, the majority of my career in the adult industry.”

Ethnicity: Caucasian Country of Origin: USA Province / State: LA, Cal Place of Birth: Miami Age: 22 Eye Color: HazelHair Color: BlondeBreast size: F
Shoe Size: 6 Tattoos: Yes Hobbies:Shop till you drop

Mini bio from her website:

“My name is Kimber James. I’m a 22 year old adult film actress. I was born in Miami, FL but now live between New York and LA. I don’t really like going out at night or going to clubs. I much prefer to go to the mall and shop – my favorite pastime – or go out to dinner or lunch with friends. I’m really excited to see where my career goes and hope that there is a lot of good things in the future. So keep up with me so you can be a part of it!”

More Info:

What she likes: SEX! A lot of daily, weekly, monthy SEX! Of course shopping, doing anything to make her beautiful ass look half way decent (hehehe). She loves everything related to plastic surgery, chocolate and Starbucks!
Music: Basically everything but, Country
Movies: Vertigo, anything with Miss.Monroe, or that will make her laugh!
Television: Anything with Paula Deen, The Girls Next Door, Sex and the City, Golden Girls, The Nanny, Kathy Griffin.
Books: She doesn’t care for these!
Heroes: My Mama, Gia Darling, My Grandmother, anyone who tries to make there dreams come true.
Groups: The Breadmeat Treehouse…, Transgendered Teens & Young Adults, Victoria Beckham Shrine, Amanda Lepore We Adore, LOUIS VUITTON, Abercrombie & Fitch, Girls who like anal, Yes, those who like taking a juicy cock up their tight little ass hole.

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 This was Kimber James before she died her hair blonde. Not sure why Kimber James decided to go blonde but I would assume that is helps her get more attention. In the shemale porn industry attention is what is definitely needed. Here is a free shemale porn movie before she went blonde.

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