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Kimber James Sex Reassignment Surgery

Kimber James sex reassignment surgery – yes you heard that right. Just like Danielle Foxxx had a sex change operation, we now have a Danielle Foxxx part two with the new Kimber James sex reassignment surgery. And just like Danielle Foxxx (in case you did not know) she was also a shemale pornstar before and after her sex change. That is correct she is following in the footsteps of Danielle Foxxx because Danielle Foxxx was one hell of a shemale pornstar who could fuck like crazy before her sex change operation. Now it is the new Kimber James sex reassignment surgery shemale pornstar.

kimberjames trannybox 02 Kimber James Sex Reassignment Surgery

I have both of there hot shemale pornstar videos right here on the ladyboy revolution website in both of the links obove for your pure ladyboy lover satisfaction. In fact one the pre – Kimber James sex reassignment surgery video is a full length compilation video that is really really hot. So hit back and watch the hot Pre – sex change videos and enjoy yourself. Here is a mini biography of her taken from Wikipedia. By the way. She also now has her own production company and I am pretty sure she is super successful now as a post of transsexual and is still a shemale I mean female pornstar. Very very inspiring that is:

 James was born with Klinefelter’s syndrome and began her transition at the age of 12. Standing just 5’3 Kimber’s small stature and petite build is popular with fans and often commented upon: “Rising shemale superstar Kimber James is known for her petite body, pouty lips, and big tranny cock”. Until 2012, Kimber was a pre-operative transsexual in that she had undergone hormone treatment and multiple feminising surgeries including facial surgeries and breast implants but had not yet undergone full genital SRS, retaining her functional penis/testes. This was in contrast with other t-girl porn stars such as Mandy Mitchell etc. undergoing orchiectomies and Danielle Foxxx who chose to undergo a full sex change and continue in the industry. In 2012 James underwent the surgery to fully transition.

Kimber James Sex Reassignment Surgery

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