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Ladyboy Fucks Young Boy

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This is a very good shemale video in my opinion. Many many people are asking me to put up more eastern oriented lady boy type videos and pics. I will definitely be dong that once I get more time. I will probably end up with more “kathoey” oriented material then I have western material before it is all said and done. Unfortunately I have a lot of work to do on other areas of this website before I can get to that point. Since I don’t have a huge paid team of workers behind me like some of the big porn websites do it takes more time and more work for me to get things done.

But rest assured it will get done and by the end of it all it will be more of an eastern kathoey dominated website since that is the terminology in the name of this website. So it only makes sense. As far as people are concerned right now my main viewers are from America so that is why I have to put up more American material at this particular time. But I will be bridging the east with the west so that we can bring the beauty of the eastern ladyboy to the western world and we can also bring the beauty of the western world shemales to the east.