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This website is about Kathoeys Ladyboys. It is mainly now focused on porn but not exclusively. It started out more political in relationship to LGBT rights specifically affecting Kathoeys Ladyboys. When I mention ladyboys I am specifically talking about eastern oriented transsexuals. Transsexual for example from Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, as well as countries like Japan and China. Basically “oriental” transsexuals. When I speak of shemales I am speaking specifically of western transsexuals from countries like America and the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Spain, Europe etc etc you get the picture.

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Obviously porn and politics don’t mix well on one website so we focused on what the so called “readers” wanted and that is tranny porn. So in western terminology in relation to porn this will be shemale pornstars. We are going to also have lot’s and lot’s of ladyboy or “kathoey” porn stars as well and will probably focuse more on them eventually but that will be a while because we have much much work to do before then. As of now we have a lot of ladyboy blog posts with ladyboy strippers and kathoeys from Thailand and the Philippines but we don’t have much hardcore kathoey porn on her YET as of 10/31/2012. But you bet your ass we are going to have them here and LOT’S AND LOT’S OF THEM!!! But at least the direction of ladyboy revolution is now clear. PORN!

But beside starting a ladyboy (eastern) shemale (western) porn revolution that will help transsexual rights by default, our other purpose now is to bridge the east with the west. Many many easterners LOVE western shemales because to them they are “different” then what they are use to seeing every day, day in and day out. Same thing with westerners. Many many many westerners want to see kathoeys (eastern ladyboy term) because they are tired of seeing there own kind and they want to see something different and unique. So this is our “offical” mission statement now and we are STICKING TO IT!!! Here is the official definition of a kathoey in case you didn’t know.

Kathoeys Ladyboys Porn Revolution!