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Jonelle Brooks Hot Anal Video

Jonelle Brooks has a super hot anal video she has just produced. In this super hot Jonelle Brooks anal video this new and rising super hot shemale pornstar has sex with a guy dressed in hot leather as she plays the young (which she is) innocent “naughty girl” as she get’s ass banged from behind in a super sexy sensational anal transsexual scene. This particular video is a short three minute video clip. Jonelle Brooks is quickly rising of through the ranks of shemale stardom because she has a style that is totally unique from any other shemale pornstar on the planet.

The absolutely incredible ass that Jonelle Brooks has got in this video is absolutely positively sensational! And that is descibing it very very lightly to say the least. Also the make up job that she has in this video has got to be a one hundred and fifty dollar make up job because I have personally never seen her look so hot EVER in any pic or video before as she looks in this specific video. The producers of this video has obviously put a lot of time, money and effort into this video and it surely shows it. This is obviously a short three minute teaser clip from the full video that she has on her official website which is located her:

I want to see the full video because it is obviously one hot movie. The balled headed guy that is having sex with Jonelle Brooks in this video has been around for a good long time now and he is performing in many many hot tranny videos. I don’t know his name but it is not Christian. Christian is the other balled headed guy that also like this guy specializes in having sex on film with shemale pornstars and other transsexuals. They have both found a niche in the porn video world and that is what they specifically specialize it. They do an excellent job of it too and they are both making and producing many many transsexual videos at a high rate of speed.

jonelle brooks spank 02 Jonelle Brooks Hot Anal Video

Jonelle Brooks Hot Anal Video

But I seriously think Jonelle Brooks has gotten herself in tip top physical condition for this video by working out at the gym or some other physical exercise type of activity because she has definitely shown a high level of improvement in this particular movie. She has obviously tanned herself at the tanning center in preparation for this shemale pornstar movie. I can not see why she is going to be a major contender in the future of transsexual porn and because of that she will automatically rise the bar and the standard of physical appearance and make it much more tough for the other shemale pornstars to compete because now there physical standard will also have to increase.

But at least it will please her fans and website subscribers and that will surely make them very very happy as well. I look forward to the future of Jonelle Brooks videos and I am sure that all the ladyboy shemale lovers will look forward to all her up and coming movies and pictures as well. This girl is quickly on the rise to being one of the hottest shemale pornstars on the shemale pornstar circuit!

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