Jonelle Brooks

Shemale Pornstar Jonelle Brooks is a HOT transsexual porn star with “another twist”. As I mentioned on my last blog post article about Jasmine Jewels and how she is “more aggressive” in her love making, Jonelle Brooks maybe even more so! I just watch a video of her (free one on her website) and it was unbelievable HOTT!!! Check it out:

jonelle brooks Jonelle Brooks

She is one hot transsexual pornstar!!! Here is a little info about her:

“Shemale cutie Jonelle Brooks from Dayton Beach, Florida, describes herself as just a small town girl with a big surprise under her skirt. She’s a lot more than that, of course, with her sense of fun, bubbly good humour and undampable passion for raw hard sex. Having just launched her very own corner on the web, 24-year-old Jonelle has purchased filming gear so she can shoot ultra personal stuff from her day-to-day life along with those high production X-rated shoots she’s begun putting together for fans. “I would love to hear from each and every one of my fans to know what turns them on so I can make it happen. I want them to get to know me and have fun with me,” Jonelle says. There’s plenty to be getting to know, as Jonelle can happily seem like the cute girl next door one minute and a dirty little slut the next. The personal touch is very much Jonelle’s thing though and she’s already begun regular weekly webcams show/chats with fans. She’s taking plenty of requests for outfits, fantasies and already gone as far as inviting along a friend to get down to some live hardcore fucking on cam.”

Thee is not a lot of movies out about this hot shemale superstar yet. But rest assured she will have. I know this because she is quickly becoming quite the sensation withing the shemale pornstar niche and community. When I first wrote about her she didn’t have much material or movies. Now she is starting to produce and I see that her main specialty is cam sex. Obviously that is because she wants to keep her website subscribers happy and give them there moneys worth. She seems to be doing a fine job with that. I am sure she will grow and learn and become even greater at pleasing her website subscribers with great sizzling shemale content.

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