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Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love

In this HOT Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love threesome video Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love are tag teaming one guy for hot happy ending on JJ’s  face. Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love in this hot threesome shemale porn video are both wearing leather and black fish net stockings:

Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love Threesome

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As you can see Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love give a very very good performance and have made a very very hot shemale porn video scene. As you can also see Jasmine Jewels like I said before likes to take control and be the dominant shemale. Olivia Love like I said before is actually deaf. That is really cool because it makes her different and unique. If you go to her websites (below) you will see her in the introductory video talking in sign language which is really cool. Olivia Love has been making shemale porn movies for a very long time now.

If I am not mistaken I think Olivia Love is from the old school and was one of the first shemale pornstars in the shemale porn movie niche. I remember seeing her in some old shemale movies years back. Even back then she was good but I hear that now she has really made major improvements to her current shemale videos. I have not actually seen her newest movies because in order to see her newest videos you have to join her site and paid official website and I don’t have the money or time to join everyone’s site just to give a better review. Obviously.

Here is a little current info concerning Olivia Love:

“Hi! My name is Olivia Love. I am deaf and transsexual adult film performer.I’m seen in many videos and websites .I started in 1990′s then I retired for love till it ended .I returned in Jan of 08 with a full charge and finish the unfinished business that I left behind . I finally am able to shut down the fraudulent sites that contained my name and images.

Welcome to my new and official site ! Oh yes its really my site where I have the full control with better communication with my fans and friends. It will be updated constantly so y’all won’t get bored! It may contain very steamy and sexy contents. Be still ur hearts it may overwhelm u! hehe”

Here is a little info concerning Olivia Love:

“From my earliest childhood memories, I grew up being referred to as the “dual-spirit”. I completed my transition during my professional career, successfully sustaining executive level positions with several large corporations. Once my transition was complete, it was time to travel and play.

As a capable, non abused and eager business woman, I made a conscious choice to do consensual sex work and debut as an independent performer/provider in August of 2007. I have to tell you it has been quite an amazing journey thus far. Becoming a performer after 7 years of near celibacy and virtually one intimate experience with an unsuspecting guy, it took a couple of months for me to learn what I enjoyed most about being a provider I have learned so much about sensuality, sexuality and the pleasures of giving and receiving to my men and although I feel I have mastered many talents, I have so much more to learn. I am inspired at the careers and lives of amazing women like Danielle Foxxx, my friend Xvaria Ownes and a host of others. I hope to someday be considered a great entertainer, model, provider, actress and overall great woman of the world as well.”

Jasmine Jewels Olivia Love Threesome