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Jasmine Jewels

This is a HOT shemale pornstar Jasmine Jewels video!!!  This Jasmine Jewels solo video is twenty six minutes long. Jasmine Jewels is a transsexual porn star with a twist. Jasmine Jewels is distinct and unique from the previous transsexual porn stars that I have covered. Jasmine Jewels even I did not know much about until today. I did some research and have discovered something. She is a bit more on the aggressive side in here movies. She seems to be much more forceful in her love making. She has two official websites as well:

As you can see that is one WILD video!!! She really knows how to talk perverted and twisted just the way we like it. I have seen her in other videos where she really likes to dominate the men and make them do “dirty” things to them. Maybe because she comes from the conservative corporate world now she is letting her “wild” side cum out. Whatever it is she really is distinct in this way from the other shemale pornstars.

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 Jasmine Jewels

Jasmine comes from an entirely different background then other transsexual porn stars. Mrs Jewels has a corporate professional back ground. I will let her describe herself from her official website bio:

“From my earliest childhood memories, I grew up being referred to as the “dual-spirit”. I completed my transition during my professional career, successfully sustaining executive level positions with several large corporations. Once my transition was complete, it was time to travel and play.

As a capable, non abused and eager business woman, I made a conscious choice to do consensual sex work and debut as an independent performer/provider in August of 2007. I have to tell you it has been quite an amazing journey thus far. Becoming a performer after 7 years of near celibacy and virtually one intimate experience with an unsuspecting guy, it took a couple of months for me to learn what I enjoyed most about being a provider I have learned so much about sensuality, sexuality and the pleasures of giving and receiving to my men and although I feel I have mastered many talents, I have so much more to learn. I am inspired at the careers and lives of amazing women like Danielle Foxxx, my friend Xvaria Ownes and a host of others. I hope to someday be considered a great entertainer, model, provider, actress and overall great woman of the world as well.”

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