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Bobs TGirls has 13 years full of transexual shemale pornstars. That is a long ass time to say the least!!! This TS website has so many girl’s and video’s it is extremely HARD **wink wink** to count. I remember Bobs TGirls from long long ago. They have progressed over the years to be one of the best shemale porn sites on the world wide web. Here is there official description:

“Bob’s Tgirls is now in its 13th year. A lot has changed since I started in 1999. Now there are a zillion shemale sites on the web. Yet Bob’s Tgirls still has the highest quality photography and only the top transsexual models. Some of my models are exclusive. Others can be found elsewhere but chances are you’ll like them better here.

You’ll find hot tgirls of all ethnicities, from around the world. We like fetishes here too. The highly customized Advanced Search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for inside. Back in the beginning, I had no idea I’d still be doing this so many years later. Thank you to all who have supported me in this endeavor. – Bob

Bobs Tgirls members have multiple options for viewing video. The easiest is to just press play and high quality streaming video will play right in your browser including mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad & Android phones. There is also the option of downloading Quicktime & Windows Media HD files as well as MP4 files for use on portable devices.

Unlike other sites that make you wait a week or two between updates, Bob’s Tgirls provides daily updates (usually 6 days per week.) So instead of waiting for a bunch of content in one lump, you can get something almost every day.”

Bobs TGirls

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