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Bobs TGirls TS Jesse Interview

Here is a Bobs TGirls TS Jesse interview. TS Jesse Flores in this interview a guy for Bobs TGirls does an excellent interview with shemale pornstar TS Jesse. This interview is almost twelve minutes in length and it is really great because it talks about how TS Jesse has been a girl from a very very young age. In my TS Jesse page I have some pics of TS Jesse but unfortunately I did not upload the best photos of her because they do not give her the full credit of how hot she really is.

ts jesse flores 06 Bobs TGirls TS Jesse Interview

Bobs TGirls TS Jesse Interview

In spite of the fact that my pics of her are not the best of choosing TS Jesse is in fact super super hot. She also has a really big cock and she has been in a lot of shemale pornstar videos. In fact she has been in so many shemale videos that the list is to long to list every video that she has been in. TS Jesse you could actually say is “from the old school” because she has been around the transsexual porn industry for a good long time now. She is a fantastic performer on camera and what I like most about her is the fact that she always has a smile on her face while she is performing and getting laid.

The same way I have talked repeatedly about this same subject in relation to tranny porn star Mia Isabella. Mia Isabella is the same way she is always smiling while she is getting laid and she always says the cutest things while she is getting laid. Especially after she cums she always say’s “there’s your honey”. So Bobs TGirls did a great job with this interview. This interview was two years ago back in the year two thousand and ten. So even though this Bobs TGirls is a little bit dated now TS Jesse has in fact made many many movies since then.

Excellent Bobs TGirls TS Jesse Interview!

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