Bailey Jay Cumpilation Video

Here is a shemale pornstar Bailey Jay compilation video that is sure to tease and sure to please. This video is exactly thirteen minutes and twenty six seconds long in length.

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We get quite a few inquiries about this shemale pornstar Bailey Jay compilation videos because she is another one who is in the top twenty or possibly in the top ten transsexual porn stars of all time now. And she is still very young and has a long and prosperous career ahead of her. She is currently producing a big volume of tranny porn videos at a very high and fast rate of production. She is in very high demand by the adult porn site companies and because of that she is currently rising through the ranks of tranny porn performers. Besides this Bailey Jay compilation video we have decided to put her other hot tranny movies on this page so be sure to bookmark this page because we will be adding more of her hot tranny movies. (As a side note be sure to check out our super hot super sexy Mariana Cordoba video page since all her super hot video’s are on there.)

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Bailey Jay Compilation Video

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Instead of just putting up the one Bailey Jay cumpilation video we decided we are probablt going to keep all her tranny movies on this page and even add to them. But that still is one hot Bailey Jay cumpilation video. icon smile Bailey Jay Cumpilation Video More compilation videos to CUM!

Bailey Jay Compilation Video

She is a very young very innocent girl next door look about her and that is why she is so popular now. Here is a small list of her top selling DVD videos:

  • Transsexual Superstars: Bailey Jay
  • She-Male Idol: The Auditions 2
  • She-Male Police 2
  • She-Male Police
  • She-Male XTC 7
  • Carbongirl
  • Joey Silvera’s The Next She-Male Idol 2
  • Bailey Jay Is Line Trap

This is only a small list of shemale pornstar movies she has starred in. This Bailey Jay Compilation Video is most popular. She has been in far more tranny videos then this but this is a good start to give you an idea of the caliper she is at. She has also won many many awards for her movies. She is currently the two thousand twelve AVN transsexual performer of the year. She was also the AVN transsexual performer of the yesr in two thousand eleven also. Last year considering the time I am writing this video post. She is also the transsexual performer of the year nominee for the XBIZ award for this year two thousand twelve and for last year two thousand eleven. So it is completely obvious with those types of high caliper awards that Bailey Jay is most definitely in the top ten of all time polarity for shemale pornstars adult entertainers.

I don’t know how she compares in ratings with big cock shemale pornstar Mariana Cordoba or the ten inch hung beauty Mia Isabella because both of those girls have there own unique niche as well. I know Mia Isabella has won many many awards for her tranny videos and as far as Mariana Cordoba is concerned Mariana Cordoba is a little more independent and kind of does her won thing apart from the glitz and glamor of the rest of the crowd of shemale pornstars. So comparing her with Mariana Cordoba is definitely apples and oranges. Nobody can compare to the cock size of Mariana Cordoba she is in a league of her own. Heck she is in a planet of her own completely out of the ball park as far as that is concerned.

Plus the fact that I am almost positive that she has been taking hormones for years so that will affect her cock size and function as well. I doubt very highly that Mariana Cordoba has even touched a hormone because anything that would affect the cock size of Mariana Cordoba would not even be a consideration since the cock size of Mariana Cordoba is her selling point and how she is the leader of the pack of all shemale pornstars. Mia Isabella probably the same thing but who knows she could have taken hormones but I doubt tit very highly. She has the feminine look naturally without them. Anyhow this is a great Bailey Jay compilation video that seems to be very very popular now.

Also one more thing about her. Before this not Bailey Jay Compilation Video her former “performer” name is Harley Quinn. I am assuming that “performer name” is her name that she used as a drag performer I would assume. Many of these girls start out there career’s performing in drag shows in there local clubs before they get discovered or make the connections that are needed to become successful shemale pornstars. Harley Quinn definitely sounds like your typical drag queen name. So I am sure that she has been a drag performer before she got into the tranny video business. Many many drag queens try and become shemale pornstars but most cannot cut the mustard. Metaphorically speaking. Obviously this hot transsexual superstar can and she can do it very very well.

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay Compilation Video

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