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Shemale Pornstar Ashley George like shemale Pornstar Mia Isabella she is also from Chicago. She is currently only 20 years YOUNG and she is also starting to take the shemale pornstar world by storm with her young innocent “nice girl” look and her young innocent nice girl hot body. She is getting quite the demand for her shemale videos now and because of that she has gotten smart and starting making more and more hot trannie movies to meet the demand from her fans. Unlike other shemale pornstars Ashley does what not too many other porn stars are doing. Ashley George is regularly doing live cam shows weekly and many times daily to keep her fans happy and to give her premium subscribers there moneys worth.

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That is why she will continue to be a success in the world wide web of shemale pornstars. Unlike some porn stars from every kind of porn niche she doesn’t just throw a web site up then do nothing and expect the money to magically float right in. Some people no many many people do this and that is why they never last in the porn business. See the porn business whether it be tranny porn, straight porn, or any kind of porn is like and other business. The producers always become the winners and the lazy hand me out types always become the losers. Same as any other business that is why I like Ashley George she is a producer and she is a WINNER!

Here is a few videos from her and a couple of cam videos the exact same kind that she does on a weekly and sometimes daily basis for her fans and website subscribers. They all have varying lengths.

Here is the latest news from Ashley George and a little bit of information about her and what she has been up to lately with her personal life:

“It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this, shame on me because I love to blog! Well in case you’re wondering whats new in my world, a lot.. but most of it is personal so I don’t want to go into too much detail. Lets just say 2012 has been a pretty tough and stressful year! A lot has changed, some things for better and somethings for worse, and of course some things have a nagging way of not changing at all..  I moved from the Gold Coast area of Chicago to another neighborhood that is much quieter, with a beautiful view of the city and the lake. I love it here, but somehow I can’t stop thinking about traveling! I feel like it’s time to go on a big tour soon. I’m also having my breast implants redone this December, which I am totally excited for. I want to bring a whole new look to my members, which is something else I’ve been working on, but don’t worry I plan on taking PLENTY of pictures before I upgrade to my dream boobs! I hope that you’ve all been enjoying my latest photo’s and  movies, your comments and compliments are as always welcome.. anyways I will leave you with some photo’s!”

She also has a cool home depot video you may still be able to find on the web so you can see her in home depot fooling around. It is definitely quite funny. They are flirting with the home depot guy. It really is quite funny. A little info about this particular shemale porn star from her website:

“Hey guys! – My name is Ashley and I am a Transsexual adult actress and model from Chicago! I am 20 years old and started in the industry at the tender age of 18, with a little help from people in high places who had faith in me! You can find me on several websites and a few DVD’s, including my first feature DVD “Losing My Virginity” released by SheMale Club.”


Here is a little bit more info about Ashley George from her website:

Hi boys! Thanks for stopping by my official website, my name is Ashley and I am a 20 year old adult film actress and model living in the city of Chicago, but I travel all over! I love movies, bar hopping, reading , shopping, going to the beach and of course traveling and taking pretty pictures. I started my transition at the age of 13 to blossom into the young woman you see before you today, but I am so much more than a pretty face!”

Ashley George

Hot Shemale Pornstar Ashley George

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