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Andrea Nobili Shemales

Andrea Nobili Shemales

What specifically stands this website above the rest is the fact that the “girls” usually are the ones “taking control” in these shemale porn movies. And that is completely the opposite of most shemale porn movies. Even though that is changing.

When shemale porn movies first started to come out they really did suck. They were so extremely predictable that they were definitely on the very boring side. They unfortunately copied mainstream porn movies in there set ups. It was the typical “girl” gives guy blowjob, guy fucks “girl”, then guy comes on “girls” face or chest. Pretty much all these movies were like that. In most mainstream porn many of the movies are unfortunately still like that. I am definitely the kind of person who has to climb new and exciting hills. I like missionary position but if I had to do that only every time I would definitely get bored real easy.


Fortunately now things have changed. And they have not changed for the worse. They have changed for the better (as far as porn is concerned). Especially as far as shemale porn is concerned. Now many shemale porn movies have what we have all been waiting for. The shemales are “taking control” and making the men the “women”. Or at least that is how the role play has become. In many straight porn movies when you had a gang bang you always had the one girl in the center to satisfy the guy’s. Now in shemale movies like the Andrea Nobili Shemales you will have multiple shemales with one guy in the middle.