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Afrika Kampos

Shemale pornstar Afrika Kampos is a sexy hot new blonde bombshell. Afrika Kampos is a shemale pornstar that even I didn’t know or “do not know” rather, much about. But here is a little bit of information about Afrika Kampos and her website cuming straight from her own description:

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Afrika Kampos

“Hello guys (and girls!) Welcome to my special place online, where you’ll find all my exclusive content, my diary, my personal information (including contact info in case you want to meet me face to face), and oh-so-much more! There is always something new and exciting going on inside my site, and because I love doing all the naughty and dirty things only a shemale can do, I know you’ll love them too icon wink Afrika Kampos When I get fucked, I grind my hips, squirm, bounce and moan like no woman can. And it is my turn to be active, I give a mean cock, more than most men (or women, or trannies) can withstand!

But there is more to me than sex (just a tad LOL). I love chatting with my members, interacting, answering emails and of course doing free webcam shows for them! So, get to meet me, and cum enjoy a lot of me. I guarantee I will keep you erect yet highly satisfied! Become my member and let’s get it going! Muah!!! Afrika Kampos”

Afrika Kampos

Here is what Afrika Kampos has to say about herself personally and about her heritage and where Afrika Kampos originated from:

“Hello boys! My name is Afrika Kampos, and I am a 20 year old shemale (ask me to see my ID, and I’ll prove you my age :). I was born in Mexico under the sign of Libra from a Scandinavian mom and a Mexican dad, and as a result, I have naturally blond hair and blue eyes, plus all the heat and sexual desire of the tropics!

Other than having a penis between my long legs, I am a pretty normal girl. I stand 5’8″, have supple 38DD breasts with big nipples, and a round butt. My penis is a generous 8 inches and it is fully funcional. I am versatyle, being both active and passive, and will accommodate to your liking, always respecting your personal boundaries and being as tender and patient as any girl could be, even in the heat of passion.

When I’m not doing naughty things on or off video, I like cooking, playing tennis and as the very feminine transgirl that I am, beautifying myself. I love going to the beauty parlor, and come out looking sexy and beautiful, right before getting dirty in my sex movies icon wink Afrika Kampos

Her Website

I have been doing lots of sexual things in the recent past, but this is the first time that I make porn videos. At first I was nervous but it’s actually quite exciting after you get over the jitters. I really hope that you and I can become friends and why not, I hope that you become my member, so I can share all my XXX stuff with you!”

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