Bailey Jay and the following Shemale Pornstars (click on that category link and you will see all the Ladyboy Revolution shemale pornstars categorized neatly in alphabetic order for your convenience and easy navigation) is a short summary of the hot shemales that can be found on the Ladyboy Revolution shemales website. Just click on the link in the first sentence and it will take you to the tranny category and you will find the transsexual of your choice.

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I am going to be putting them into an alphabetical list index as soon as I get a chance which will be very shortly. These are also the girls that our shemale videos category is based on as well so if you want to see any of these hot trannies just go to out movies section and the “girl” you want to see will most likely be there. Many many of our tranny videos are also full length and many are also in high definition.

We have a few more shemales outside this shemales index then what is written in this article but we have these listed alphabetical for your convenience. So if you are looking for specific shemales that is not listed in this shemales index you can type the name in the left upper hand search bar and she will cum up if we have her on this website. We do not have all the shemales in the world on this website because the list is getting larger and larger by the day and that would be very hard to keep up with. There are other websites for that and we have our own thing that we do. Like HOT SEXY SHEMALES VIDEOS!

The ladyboy revolution website is starting to climb the list in the shemales with popularity. We have a very nice list of top girls in this shemales index and it is growing rapidly. Besides the excellent shemale videos and shemale pictures that we have for free on this website we are adding to our shemales index list and you can find each individual shemale in the search bar.

This is a super fine shemales index list of all the best gender bending super stars that are currently available on the world wide web. In this particular blog post I will list all the hottest shemales in this tranny list that we have so far in alphabetical order. So we will list all the shemales that we have in alphabetical order with a brief summary of each:

Shemale Pornstar Adriana Lynn Rush

Adriana Lynn Rush is brand new in the shemales movie business. But as far as shemales is concerned, nobody can argue that she is not one of the top lookers. I don’t know a lot about her yet but I think she is french and from France. As far as I know she has two movies that I have seen. I don’t know how many movies she has altogether but she seems to be doing quite well in the shemales video business so far. Time will tell if she sticks with it, dedicates herself, and works HARD for her money. :)

Shemale Pornstar Afrika Kampos

Afrika Kampos is brand new to the Ladyboy Revolution website of shemale pornstars and to the shemales video business.. She is a sexy blonde bombshell and certainly looks like she is ready and willing to go. I also admit since she is new here I do not know a lot about Afrika Kampos. When I found out more I will let you know. I do know that she is currently twenty years young. I also know that she was born in Mexico. She is five feet eight inches tall and she has 38DD breasts. She obviously has blonde hair and very gorgeous blue eyes.

Shemale Pornstar Ana Mancini

Wowzers Ana Mancini is a super hot courageous blonde! And I am talking super hot! What’s up with all these new blonde shemales that have a name beginning with the letter A??? Is this blessed epidemic or what??? Ana Mancini is from the country of Argentina. You would think with a name like that she would be Italian and from Italy. But no. Ana Mancini has absolutely gorgeous green eyes and an extremely young skin complexion that is extremely attractive. I can see her going far in the business of shemales videos because like the rock and roll star Price has so famously said, she “has the look”.

Ana Mancini weighs only one hundred and thirty five pounds. She has a size 36DD breasts and a 22-40 figure size. She is drop dead gorgeous from head to toe and she has an eight and a half inch penis size and according to her it is always ready to go. She now lives in South Beach Florida.

Shemale Pornstar Angeles Cid

Here we ago with yet another super hot blonde transsexual shemale with her name beginning with the letter A. This is the fourth so far. Angeles Cid is twenty one years young. According to her she has a ten inch cock. I do not have any more information on her but she may have more on her website. But I do know that she is one hot transsexual and that is the important part. :) We like our transsexual porn star hot and super super sexy and she definitely fulfills that role without a shadow of doubt. She reminds me of a blonde that was on a very popular television show that I watches as I was growing up. I just wish I knew the name of that particular television show. Anyhow:

Shemale Pornstar Angelina Torres

Yuppers you guessed it another super hot blonde and part of the hot blonde shemales with her first name starting with the letter A. Don’t ask me why we have an “epidemic” of hot blonde transsexuals with the first letter starting with A. But fortunately we do. And you guessed it again Angelina Torres is also new to the hot world of the best shemales. Angelina Torres is from France. Her parents are from Spain. But that is all I really know about her. If you click on the link about it will take you to the Angelina Torres page and we have a hot free video of her and from there you can go onto her website if you want to know more about her.

Shemale Pornstar Ashley George

Ashley George is quite a bit more popular then the previous six transsexuals. Ashley George is still very young. In fact Ashley George is twenty years young and she started filming in the shemale porn industry when she was eighteen years young. She did a feature DVD called Losing My Virginity and it was made by SheMale Club. The last I read she was living in Chicago Illinois. Ashley George is an extremely hot shemales actress and she is extremely popular. She does a lot of web cam sex on her website and she sure knows how to tease. On the link about I think there are about three porn movies of her if I remember correctly. If I remember correctly two of them are her on webcam.

As far as her bio is concerned Ashley George is eastern European in ethnicity. She was born February seventh nineteen ninety one. Like I said she is a resident of Chicago unless she has moved recently. She is five feet and seven inches tall. Her eye color is hazel. Her hair color if black. Of course it may not remain black because shemales change there hair color frequently. But she has a breast size of 34 DD/E. Her penis size is six inches. And she like sushi and shopping. :) Anyhow the next on this list is a real wowzer:

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay

If you know anything about the best shemales then you definitely know who Bailey Jay is. No doubt about it. Bailey Jay has won an award at the AVN Awards. I don’t know specifically what that award was but it is a pretty prestigious outfit so it has to be for something really good. Obviously transsexual porn. She has been in shemale club plenty of times. She is quickly rising to the top of the shemales porn mountain.

Bailey Jay has starred in a whole lot of DVD videos. Here and Domino Presley made a movie called “Transsexual Superstars: Bailey Jay”. She also made a video called “Bailey Jay Is Line Trap”. That movie is all about the cutest 18 year old All-American T-Girl next door. She also starred in “Joey Silvera’s The Next She-Male Idol 2″. That movie had a big cast. It had Karolly Mel and Jessica Fox. It also had Bee Armitage along with Naudy Nadia and Christian XXX. He is the guy who has a shaved head and does a whole bunch of transsexual videos. Pablo Montejo and Mark Frenchy was also in the video. That movie was a huge sensation. It was a three hour video that was shot in two thousand and ten.

That same year which was two years ago she made a movie called She-Male XTC 7 and that was produced by the Evil Angel film company. That movie had a huge cast. Carla Abiazzi and Fernanda Hot. Stefanny Gold and Annalise. Sabrina Sherman and Labelly Sandorram. Dany De Castro and Luana Lima. Along side Raissa Nevada and Bruna Rodrigues. That was definitely a great video with some very very fine shemale pornstars.

That same year she did a video called “She-Male Idol: The Auditions 2″. That is almost a three hour movie. The cast in that video is Fabio Ribeiro. Karolly Mel, Ana Paula Samadat and Raissa Nevada. It also had Britney Markham, Bee Armitage and Ariel Everitts. Most of these movies are produced by the Evil Angel film company.

The following years Bailey Jay made a video called “She-Male Police” with with the hot and fabulous Jesse. Aly Sinclair and Kimberly Kills. Along side Domino Presley and Honey Foxxx. That is a kinky fetish three hour video.

Bailey Jay did a follow up movie called “She-Male Police 2″ and that movie starred Holly Sweet and Jasmine Jewels.Juliette Stray and Ashley George.It also had Danika Dreamz in the video.

Shemale Pornstars

Shemale Pornstars

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore is an American Indian transsexual. She is from the Navajo Indian tribe. I found this extremely interesting since I dated an American Indian shemale myself. She was also from the Navajo Indian tribe. Back when I lived in that part of the country. I am sure if you investigated each of the transsexuals lineage you would find that they are both related. If you had the time. I don’t have that much time obviously.

Carmen Moore is currently living in Las Vegas unless she has moved. She was age twenty one when she got in the business of shemale pornstars. She has brown eyes and brunette hair color. That is all I really know about Carmen Moore.

Shemale Pornstar Danielle Foxxx Sex Change Girl

The sex change girl is actually the superstar transsexual porn actress Danielle Foxxx. Danielle Foxxx has had a full scale sex change operation and now her new porn name has transitioned into the sex change girl. Danielle Foxxx is also from the old school and has been making top notch shemale porn videos for a long time now. The sex change girl (Danielle Foxxx) has also got her own unique and original style. I am speaking of before her sex change operation.

Before her sex change operation Danielle Foxxx was a real stud in the bedroom and could fuck people super hard and super fast. She was an expert in fast fucking. Now that Danielle Foxxx has had her sex change operation I have not yet had the privilege and opportunity to see any of her new videos. But she get’s a lot of hits on this website so the demand for the new sex change girl is super high. People really want to see the sex change girl in action after she has had her sex change operation. If I know Danielle Foxxx and knowing her personality type before her sex change operation I bet one hundred dollars that she is just as good if not better now after her sex change operation. Three cheers for the sex change girl!!!

Shemale Pornstar Domino Presley

Domino Presley supposedly went by the alias name of Jazmin Aviance Turnerviance Turner. Not sure why such an extreme long name but that is what the word is on the street. Domino Presley was born on January 8 1997 in Los Angeles California. She moved to Atlanta Georgia but I think she is back to California now. I have seen Domino Presley in a few short tranny movies and she is definitely smoking hot. Unfortunately she knows it and is not afraid to tell anyone about it. LOL. Anyhow Domino Presley is a tranny super star on basically the same caliper as Bailey Jay, Mariana Cordoba, and Mia Isabella. Although her penis size is close to Bailey Jay. Domino Presley has black sometimes brown hair and a small but super sexy breast size.

Eva Lin

Now Eva Lin is a tranny who is my kind of “woman”. Eva Lin has hot black hair and is philipino, born in Manilla on May 4 1985. She now lives in Los Angeles California. Eva Lin is obviously an “Asian” transsexual with a pretty big breast size. I have also seen her in some tranny movies and she is just smoking hot as well.

Shemale Pornstar Holly Harlow

Holly Harlow is also a new to the transsexual porn star business. My guess is that she is twenty one ore twenty two now. She got in the business when she was eighteen. Holly Harlow has had her website up for about a couple of years now I am guessing. Don’t quote me on that. That is all I really know about Holly Harlow so if you need more information she may have more now on her website.

If you click on the link above I have about for hot as hell shemale pics of Holly Harlow getting a blow job. By the looks of those pics I am assuming she has some great videos but I have never seen any of them.

Shemale Pornstar Jasmine Jewels

Jasmine Jewels we do know a lot about from her shemale movies. She is one of the top shemale pornstars and for very good reason. Jasmine Jewels is very aggressive in her videos and she loves to dominate men. Jasmine Jewels has an extremely raunchy dominating style just like we like. If you click on the link about you will see what I am talking about.

Jasmine Jewels has a movie at the link about where she is doing a hot as hell solo masturbation scene. Just wait until you here her talk. That is why Jasmine Jewels really stands out in the shemale pornstars category. She is very dominating. She comes from a corporate back ground before she got into porn. That would explain why she is so raunchy and dominating. She has probably been quite conservative in the corporate field and now Jasmine Jewels is expressing her wild side.

Shemale Pornstar TS Jesse Flores

Anyone who knows anything about shemale pornstars knows TS Jesse. TS Jesse is one of the top shemale pornstars and has starred in many many movies. TS Jesse is the star of Joey Silvera’s Big Ass She-Male Road Trip: Volume 12 which is a great video with great shemale pornstars. It is an Evil Angel video production and stars the following shemale ponstars. Diana and Nicole Star. Joice and Tylany A. Danielle Foxx who we all know about. She now goes under the name “sex change girl” because she has had a sex change operation. This video was before her sex change operation.

The video also stars Trinity Post and Monik Corran. Also Agatha Rangel and Jeana James. Jesse is also in the She-Male Police video that I described above under Bailey Jay.

TS Jesse is also in the video called ” America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 6″. This particular has won the AVN awards last year. It was a huge hit thanks to shemales like TS Jesse. This video is also said to be one of the best shemales video of all time. And considering the amount of transsexual videos that are now out that is a huge feat to win. That just goes to show how hot of a performer Jesse really is. She has a very big transsexual cock too.

TS Jesse has also been in the Devils Film video production called “Transsexual Babysitters: Volume 12″. This video also stars TS Paris, Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley. Since I am getting tired of writing I will just cut this short and mention all of the shemales videos that TS Jesse has starred in:

Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 12, Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass, How To Please A She-Male, Rogue Adventures 32, She-Male Strokers 18, She-Male Strokers 22, She-Male Strokers 24, She-Male XTC, She-Male XTC 4, The Bitch got Balls 2, Tony Vee’s New York Shemales Volume II, Transsexual Babysitters 3, Transsexual Gang Bangers 14, Transsexual Prostitutes 43, Transsexual Prostitutes 49, Transsexual Prostitutes 50, Transsexual Prostitutes 52, Big Ass She-Male Road Trip #14.

I have got the She-Male XTC 4 video and that is very very hot. TS Jesse gets a great blow job from a very young but very very hot girl. This post will be continued in a Part two. I am getting a little bit tired of writing right now.

Shemale Pornstar Jonelle Brooks

Jonelle Brooks is also like Jasmine Jewels. She is on the more aggressive side. But not nearly as aggressive as Jasmine Jewels. Jonelle Brooks is from Daytona Beach Florida. Jenelle brooks has been in three major films that I know about. Probably more now. Jonelle Brooks has starred in T-Girls Solo 2 with Wendy Williams, Amy Daly, Brittany St. Jordan, Michelle Austin and Jesse Flores. (aka TS Jesse).

She also starred in USA T-Girls 4 with Vaniity, Danielle Foxxx (sex change girl),Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels, and Jenna. Her third film that I know about is Pin-Up T-Girls 2 with Vaniity, Danielle Foxxx, Sheeba Starr and Jenna (TS) again. I would assume she has made a few more videos by now because I have seen some interviews with her and she is quite active.

Shemale Pornstar Keira Verga

Keira Verga is eighteen years of age. She is one of the hottest new shemales I have seen in a while. I like dark haired shemales. Keira Verga is both Colombian and she also part Brazilian in ancestry. As a matter of fact according to her website she is in her last year of hight school. So she has to probably be the youngest shemales to date at this time. If you go to the link about it will show you a one or two minute preview clip of her transsexual big cock action. She has got a great career ahead of herself in this field. Let us all hope she sticks with at and makes many many shemale porn videos!

Shemale Pornstars

Shemale Pornstar Kimber James

Kimber James. We all know who Kimber James is. She is a much much sought after shemale pornstar in the transsexual adult video world. Kimber James has made many many movies at a ripe very very young age. Kimber James has starred in Not Married With Children XXX. Her costars were Allyssa Hall, Brittany O`connell, Brooke Belle, Dane Cross, Emy Reyes, Eric Swiss, India Summer, Kagney Linn Karter, Kora Cummings, Madison Scott and Peyton Leigh.

Kimber James has also starred in and completely features in a transsexual video called Buddy Woods Kimber James. This movie was all and completely about her. There are actually at least twenty different adult films that Kimber James has starred in. The list is just completely too long for me to go over in this particular article. But the bottom line is that she is pumping out movie after movie after movie of hot sweaty super charged transsexual action. I have some hot videos of her on this website so be sure to check them out. The one video id super hot!!!

Lucia Matthews

Lucia Matthews is a hot blonde blue eyed transsexual pornstar who is also an adult escort who lives in (surprise surprise) Las Vegas California. Lucia Matthews has a special look to her that makes her very distinct. She has kind of more of a “good girl” next door girlfriend look. She is very attractive and distinct. I just subscribed to her YouTube channel but unfortunately it doesn’t look like she has touched it in three years.

Shemale Pornstar Mandy Mitchell

Everyone in the transsexual porn fan field knows who Many Mitchell is. No doubt. As a matter of fact go to the link above and see the free solo masturbation video of Mandy Mitchell and you will be quite impressed by her work. Many Mitchell is making a lot of transsexual porn videos that are super hot. She fucks a lot of hot women as well. I could list the movies that she has starred in but like Kimber James the list is way way too long for me to do that in this article. Mandy Mitchell has her own distinct and completely unique style.

Mandy Mitchell is now one of the worlds greats in the wide open world of shemales. I cannot emphasize enough how excellent her videos are and you will see that on the movie link above. For shemales she is a “top dog” in the field and she is growing and growing in greatness. I would assume she will be part of the top shemales for many many more years to cum! So don’t miss out on the free movie from the link about. I think I have a couple of other free Mandy Mitchell videos in the shemale videos category with her as well. But not positive off the top of my head.

Shemale Pornstar Mariana Cordoba

Everyone knows who Mariana Cordoba is if the know anything at all about shemales. Mariana Cordoba is the number one shemales in the world in terms of popularity. She is the shemale with the biggest cock. At least as far as white girls are concerned. Nobody even comes close to Mariana Cordoba in terms up pure size.

Not only that but Mariana Cordoba is also super attractive as well. I don’t know if I could say that she is the best looking shemales because that is all based on personal preference. But she is definitely up there in terms of attractiveness is concerned. She is tall and she has an incredible ass. Mariana Cordoba has a specific look that is absolutely unique to her.

At the same time nobody could ever say that Mariana Cordoba is not one of the hottest transsexual porn stars either. She can definitely compete with what anyone considers the hottest of the hot in the shemales specific category. Brunet I think is the color of her hair but I am not not all that versed in hair color abstract terminology so I am not positive about that.

But Mariana Cordoba is definitely the number one ts porn star in the world as far as popularity is concerned. Nobody could argue with that unless they are just pure crazy. With that being said Mia Isabella may be number two right behind her if I am not mistaken. Again I am not completely positive about that yet but I am pretty positive about that to say that I think it is true.

I have a specific Mariana Cordoba pics category above and I also have a specific Mariana Cordoba videos category above as well. The ladyboy revolution fans like Mariana Cordoba the best when they visit the ladyboy revolution website blog. We will be adding many many more of her pics and videos as well.

So if you like Mariana Cordoba and you want to see more of her make sure you bookmark this shemales website or at least bookmark those specific categories because we will be adding many many more of her pics and her videos as time goes one. As time goes on we will be better at refining our searches for a more comprehensive approach to finding her best pics and videos as well.

Shemale Pornstar Mia Isabella

Just like everyone under the sun who is into shemales knows who Mariana Cordoba is everyone under the sun also knows who ts porn star Mia Isabella is. Mia Isabella is the second in line behind Mariana Cordoba in terms of pure raw and hardcore transsexual porn star popularity. Mia Isabella also has a hug girl cock. Not only that but Mia Isabella is also one super hot transsexual porn star.

Mia Isabella is also quite young. I think her age is maybe twenty six but I am not positive about that. I think she was twenty six years old last year if I am not mistaken. But Mia Isabella has also made a whole host of hot porn videos as well. Mia Isabella is and I would almost say definitely second place in terms of sheer porn star popularity in the shemales specific niche of pornography.

Because of that Mia Isabella has been doing a lot of traveling to Hollywood California for a lot of photo shoots. I am not sure but she may actually live in Hollywood California now. Not sure about that but what I am sure about is the fact that Mia Isabella has a very long and prosperous career ahead of her now in the tranny porn movie and picture niche. Mia Isabella is on her way to the top and is basically already at the top right now in this field.

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey

Morgan Bailey has also starred in a whole lot of DVD videos. TS Playground # 2, Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day, Transsexual Babysitters # 11, TS Playground, She-Male Strokers # 55, Next She-Male Idol # 3, American Tranny, American Stroker Party, USA T Girls # 3, Transsexual Babysitters # 14 , Shemale Strokers # 42, Pin-up T Girls, She-Male Strokers # 36, Transsexual Cheerleaders # 3, and I could go on and on and on. Morgan Bailey has aslo done a lot of work with Bobs TGirls and Shemale Club.

Morgan Bailey became part of the shemales club starting making adult videos back in 2008. She was a tattoo artist in Chicago Illinois. Morgan Bailey has many many extremely sexy tattoos and that is why. Her tattoos are very very sexy and give her a more wild girl kind of a look. Then after that when she started making adult transsexual videos she moved to California. She did a great shemale gang bang video with a mechanic garage back scene. I remember seeing that video and it was very very hot and sexy. She is a true champion in the shemales category.

She was also a bartender back in Chicago but she said she got licked out of every establishment she worked at for fucking everyone. :) That is definitely a true transsexual porn champion with a great attitude. That is why she makes a great porn star.

Shemale Pornstars

Shemale Pornstar Natassia Dreams

Natassia Dreams is a hot transsexual porn star in the black ebony category. Natassia Dreams is probably the worlds hottest black ebony TS pornstar. She has made very many videos and she is still working hard to make many many more transsexual movies. She has her own full length DVD video called Transsexual Superstars Natassia Dreams. That particular video has six super hot gender bending shemale scenes that is sure to blow your socks off. It was produced by shemale club and it also stars Christian XXX. He is the guy with the bald head who is a real superstar and specializes specifically in fucking hot transsexuals. It also has in it Gabrielle, French and a guy named Vince.

I actually have the video with the scene of Natassia Dreams and Christian XXX. It is located in the shemales category and after I fix up my navigation system it will be easy to find. I am currently working on the navigational system so that everything will be easy to locate. But for now if you want to watch the video it is free and you can find it by doing a simple search in the search bar at the top.

Shemale Pornstar Nody Nadia

Nody Nadia is a brand news ts porn star. Nody Nadia is a black ebony flavored transsexual. I honestly do not know much about Nody Nadia besides the fact that she is like Natasia Dreams in that she is ebony black. She is so new that is why I do not know that much about her yet besides the fact that she looks good. I have one free video of her on the above link page. And if I am not mistaken it may be a full length video. Or at least a fifteen or twenty minute Nody Nadia video. So if you want to see it you can go check it out.

Shemale Pornstar Olivia Love

Olivia Love is from the old school. She has been around for a long time now and she has been making transsexual movies from the very beginning. Olivia Love is actually deaf. That is what I like about her. She brings to the ts porn star niche a completely original style and uniqueness that is missing in the adult porn transsexual world. Olivia Love is also a great actor on film. She has had the time and experience that only time and experience can bring to the table.

I have seen Olivia Love in some of the old time original transsexual porn videos. One video in particular that comes to mind is a shemale orgy video. Her and Vaniity and a couple of other transsexual porn stars take on one guy for a screaming shemale orgy that comes to a screaming orgy climax. The movie is an olde but definitely a goodie. Olivia Love also teams up with Jasmine Jewels and double teams a guy in another super hot transsexual video which I have on this website. Go to the shemale videos category and you can watch this super hot transsexual video. It is super hot and super sexy.

And if you go to her official website she has an introduction video that shows her talking in sign language before she starts showing hot video clips of her in sex action fucking and getting fucks. I really like Olivia Love and her original and totally unique style. She brings to the table what no other shemale pornstar brings to the table. She is truly a transsexual sensation.

Shemale Pornstar Sarina Valentina

Sarina Valentina started in the shemales video field back in the year two thousand and eight. She started her career off with doing some amateur posing over the internet. And after that little by little she stated to make some adult porn connections and ended up deciding to go full on into the transsexual porn industry. Sarina Valentina started her transsexual transition at the ripe young age of fourteen years young. So she has been a transsexual from when she was a young child. She has obviously got some serious experience at womanhood and now she is making hot porn videos and taking hot naked porn pictures. We get many hots and requests for Sarina Valentina.

Shemale Pornstar Sunshyne Monroe

Shemale Pornstar Sunshyne Monroe I do not know a lot about yet so I will let her describe herself from her official website: “Hello, my name is Sunshyne and I’m a trannsexaul porn star. I guess you could say I’m the girl that you’ve admired from a distance but never thought you could have; I just wish you would have asked. Everything about me is sincere and I take pride in knowing that I stand out from all the rest. I have a passion for travel. I’ve now found my way to beautiful Houston, TX and this is where I’m currently based. Because I travel a lot, you’ll often find me in LA, as well as Chicago, or wherever someone might entice me to be. I can be so easily swayed for the right situation. If my friends were to describe me, they would probably say I was intelligent, engaging, perceptive, curious, and fun. I personally view myself as laid back, relaxed, silly, and yet sincere. It’s certainly not about the conquest for me, but the journey.”

Sunshyne Monroe is becoming very very popular in the transsexual movie industry as well. As a result she is starting to perform in more and more videos all the time. We definitely hope that Sunshyne Monroe produces more and more videos because she is definitely an excellent performer in her hot transsexual porn movies. She sure is rising up in this industry and that is great news for the future of transsexuasl videos.

Shemale Pornstar Tiffany Starr

Tiffany Starr is the transsexual porn star who has the “girl next door look”, she is also a rising star in the world of shemales. She has made a great shemale domination video possibly for TGirl Fetishes but I am not positive if that was the video company or not. I saw the movie but don’t seem to recall exactly which porn company shot the video.

Either way Tiffany Starr is definitely rising up in the tranny video ranks and her girl next door look combined with her dominating style during sex is going to most certainly put her up into the ranks along side the top dogs in this industry.

Shemale Pornstar TS FOXXY

TS FOXXY is a pure legend and is a very very highly ranked shemale pornstar. TS Foxxy has been around for a good long time and she has made a very long list of tranny videos. I think you could also say that TS Foxxy is “from the old school” so to speak because even though she is still definitely in her prime she could be considered a “founder” of the shemales niche because she has been around almost since the beginning.

Considering the fact that shemale porn has not been around for very long that is why I say TS Foxxy is a so called “originator”. I am speaking semantics. But TS Foxxy has some super great and super hot shemale videos out that are definitely guaranteed to knock your socks off!!!

Shemale Pornstar Vaniity

Vaniity is also like TS Foxxy. She is from the old school of shemale pornstars and has also been around for a good long time. I think Vaniity has been around longer then TS Foxxy even. Not positive about that however. Vaniity has been making shemales videos for a long time now. She has got a long long list of the videos that she has made. Very long list. One video in particular that she has made was a gang bang video where about four hot transsexuals (including Olivia Love) gang banged one blonde haired guy. It is a fairly old video now but it is an excellent video. Vaniity and her name precedes her well. She is very well know through the world and is definitely one of the greatest names in transsexual porn.

Shemale Pornstar Victoria Di Prada

Victoria Di Prada is somewhat new to the shemales video business. I think she is from France and she is a very hot blonde. Just last night I saw a very very hot video of Victoria Di Prada having sex with a black guy. The video was very well done and the quality of the video was excellent as well. It was a very hot video and they were getting very very kinky in the movie. With that being said I think Victoria Di Prada will also hit the top charts if she keeps up the good work and keeps producing transsexual movies. She has the hot blonde look going for her so she will probably be making a name for herself if she persists and stays with it.

Shemale Pornstar Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is a whole different story altogether. Wendy Williams started making shemale pornstars videos and is not in the production side of things producing her own shemale pornstars movies. Wendy Williams has some hot shemales videos of herself but I don’t know if she is starring in them anymore or fully in the making and producing side of things now. When you go to the Wendy Williams official website you will see a whole bunch of other shemales on her website. That is because she is now running a multiple shemale website instead of just a solo shemale website. Wendy Williams has decided to get into the business end of things and has become a shemale video porn producer. I give her very much credit for that because that takes a lot of work.

There will be many many more shemales to come which we do not have on this particular web site yet. But this web site is growing and it is growing at a very fast and furious rate of speed. We will also be adding many many more shemales websites. If you go to the above navigation currently the first link in the left hand side you can find a list of the hottest shemales on the planet. We do not have all of them that are available on the world wide web as of yet but we are working towards that goal. That will take some time since there seems to be a new tranny website coming out every single new day so it would be impossible to list them all. So with that being said we just try and focus on the best first and add any new ones that seem to be of high quality.

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